Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where to start?

I have no idea where to start with any kind of recaps, my week in T-Town and Seattle and the has all been so amazing and I don't even know how to begin or what to say. I'll have to start from the beginning but not tonight. I am still enjoying time with friends up here in the PNW and I want to enjoy my time here while I can. Hopefully I'll be able to get some blogging in on the flight to pick up LB from the farm. Speaking of Lb, man I miss that! Six days since I left him with his Farm Grandma and Grandpa and I am feeling pretty homesick for him.

I can give you some teaser pics.

Here we are at the expo, or outside Qwest Field. Inside the expo Sarah and I got to pick up our bibs at the special DetermiNAtion table. It was fast and easy!!!

After hanging out at the expo my friend J-Ninja (also in from NC) and Nikki were awesome-sauce and picked me up to haul me to the Bloggy Meetup Dinner!! It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones!! Here, from left to right is Andrea, she is moving to MY town very soon! I am super pumped to have a new Running Buddy and Friend in town!! Of course Kerrie T who was prepping for her FIRST 26.2!!! She did amazing and you must go check out her blog when she gets the recap up! And Jill! Her smile mirrors her personality and she just can't help but make everyone around her smile. I am SO glad she got to see me, just look how happy she is standing next to me!!

Friday night I stayed in the Courtyard Marriot, just like last year, with Sarah (who is a running buddy who is now in NC with me!! YAY!) and RED! Here we are early Saturday morning just before heading to the start.

I decided last minute to actually wear my DetermiNation race shirt. I am so glad that I did! I got a lot of cheers and encouragement along the route and I felt super proud to be running for my cause, for my Dad!

We headed out pretty super early and had no issues getting to the race start with plenty of time to spare...We hung around and at 6:15 Sarah and I went to take pictures with the DetermiNation team. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty tough and emotional and I met some amazing people with even more amazing stories. I was so proud of my efforts to raise money to fight cancer. After those pics I headed to Corral 6 and waited for others to arrive.

I got to snap a seriously awesome Sig Pose pic with THE Abs EMZ

And slowly, others began to wander in and we got some sweet pics! Everyone was excited and ready to run their races! I loved all the smiles, jokes and positive energy!

We snapped a few pictures and then it was time! After high fives and hugs we all headed to our respective corrals...ready to run!!

And that is all you get for tonight!!


  1. Love all the pics!! I'm so glad you had such a positive experience running for cancer! I can't wait to hear the report!

  2. Looks like a blast! Love that picture of you and EMZ. Classic.

  3. It's got to be awesome meeting all these people you know via blogging. And EMZ - she's practically a celebrity.

  4. SO MUCH FUN! I love these posts and all the pics. I wish I lived closer. You guys look like you had a blast. Love it! :)

  5. congrats!

    and I'm super jealous

    and cant wait to

  6. Yay, glad u had a great trip! I'm super impressed with Seattle!

  7. so

    I'm so happy you have a "sig" pose.

    You're freaking awesome.

  8. Sounds like an AWESOME time so far! Love all the pics!

  9. it looks like you guys had so much fun. and seriously....can EMZ's abs get anymore hardCORE!??

  10. I LOVED running with you and Mel! My most favorite race experience! Why aren't we all neighbors?!! What's our next race then?!!! :)

  11. Great pictures!!! Looks like so much fun!

  12. Loved the pic's. You all are having so much fun. Loving that.

  13. Love all the pics!!! Fun to see all of you together!

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