Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life is simple when you are oxygen deprived…

Have you ever noticed how when you are working out the only thing you really have to worry about is breathing, not tripping, pace, time, mileage, energy exertion and the such? So much simpler than the real-life, grown up jobs, big girl decisions, parenting, day care issues, grocery lists and the dinner menu that occupy my thoughts most of the time these days.

Dude…I am sore and tired. It almost feels like I am in the thick of marathon training. But I’m not. It’s that soreness where your body is like what is going on here? And your muscles are in shock. I am so tired that I literally go! go! go! all day then lay down in my bed and BAM! Next thing I know it is 6:15 AM. I have been sleeping so well, it’s nuts.

What is different? What have I changed?

Hmm, funny you should ask. I have in fact changed a few things. For starters, take a gander at my Weekly Mileage over to your right. I have upped my weekly running mileage, a little. It’s still not where I would like it to be but you can’t go 0 to 30 in one week. That, my friends is a fast ticket to injury. 10% increase per week is a good rule of thumb. I have also been doing weekly speed work. Speaking of speed work I will be hitting the track in the morning with my buddy-ole-pal Sarah. I will be making another attempt at 10x400m. The last two weeks I have only eeked out 6 due to heat and humidity and fear for my life. Tomorrow I will do at least 7 but hopefully 10 400 repeats with a recovery lap between.

Today started out to be one of those days. You know, the kind where I should have just stayed in bed. I seemed to have lost my mind lately. They say (not quite sure who they are but they say it nonetheless) that one can only remember seven things at a time. So if you are trying to remember your to-do list you’re better off just writing it down. I have a lot on my mental to-do list having to do with training, miles, swims, runs, bike rides, meeting times and places, times to drop off and pick up LB, new schedules, trips, races, travel, work, work trainings, new jobs, quitting old jobs….just a LOT floating around inside my head. That is why I am almost frantically hitting my workouts. I need them. During the hour or two that I am running, swimming or biking (if I would ever get around to it) I don’t have to think about anything. I only have to think about running, paces, mile splits, form, or my stroke, kick, pull, breathing. Life is simple when I am working out.

When I am working out it doesn’t matter that I have to put in my two weeks notice to my current employer. It doesn’t matter that I have a ton of stuff to do. At that time the only thing that matters is me working out. But soon enough it is over and I have to come back to reality.

Today I went for a run at around 10:40 AM. I wanted to hurry so I could make it to Masters Swim by 11. I headed out on my run WAY too fast for the heat and humidity. My first mile was 7:48. Oops. I felt good but there was no way I could sustain that…or was there? My second mile was 8:15. Not too shabby. I had to run into a gym to get a drink of water and lost some time but my last two miles were pretty awful. Not gonna lie, I walked. It was so hot. I was dripping wet with sweat and felt like I was going to spontaneously combust at any moment, but I was too wet so I would actually just smolder like an old, wet hay bale (any farmers reading my blog?).

I made it to the pool and was so happy at the thought of jumping in the cool water. Boy was I wrong…that water was 86 degrees. Ick. That just tells you how hot it is. It did feel good though. better than running. The swim coach had the workout posted: 2500 meters. Oh boy. The pool is a 50 meter pool. You wouldn’t think so but it makes a huge difference swimming in a 50 meter pool vs. a 25 meter pool.  She tore my stroke apart, in a good way and was correcting a lot of old habits. Hopefully it will make me a faster, more efficient swimmer.

So, right now, at this very moment I am tired. My body is tired and my mind is tired. I just want to go to bed, and get up tomorrow and do it all over again…while I still can. Full time job begins July 1. No more mid morning runs. No more Masters Swim, no more, no more, no more…


  1. Yes!! take full advantage of your time now to train as life gets in the way. Aren't jobs annoying that way?!!

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks at Seattle RnR!!!

  2. Just adjust the energy pie and you'll find a way to keep running while working!

  3. 2500 meters in a 50 meter pool! that is a lot of swimming, I would have been so exhausted, great job!

  4. There is something satisfying about being tired all the time - or is that just me?

    I had a real taste of the heat and humidity while I attempted to tackle 400s this morning. Not a fan. :S

  5. suck it up! I'm tired of all your whiny "I'm tired" crap.

    You are awesome. If you can't manage it, it can't be done!

  6. You are right... my best friend and I were just saying this morning how the only time our minds are ticking away with to-do lists and worry about kids and stress about bills and work, etc. is when we are running.

    Love the lack of oxygen. :)

  7. Love Andrew's comment. ;)

    too funny.

    Yu've. freaking. got. this!

    Seattle BABY!!

  8. You are a machine. Just remember how much you will miss being this tired after July 1st =)

  9. yay for Master's swimming! It will help you improve swimming by a lot, I bet. It always helps to have a coach and fellow fast swimmers. Have fun!


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