Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to the grind...

...It's good to be home.

I returned to a spotless house, thanks to The Hubs. How lucky am I? I don't think I will have to clean for days! The Hubs took LB to Ju Jit Su tonight so I could stay home and I actually got completely unpacked. That is a first! It usually takes me weeks to get unpacked. I put all my new goodies away, including awesome samples that were given to us at our Bloggy Meetup last Friday, Nuun samples, Gu samples, and a gift bag from with a water bottle, t-thirt, hand sanitizer and a coffee mug (SCORE!!).

Today I tried to go to Master's Swim but the pool was closed due to some issue with the chlorine. Of course I didn't prepare so I had no tennis shoes or other clothes to run in or go to the gym so I didn't work out today. I wonder what they would have said if I would have tried to go lift weights or hit the elliptical in my swim suit and flip flops? Hm...don't think I want to find out. I really needed to get a lot of work done anyway so I headed back to the office to begin tying up loose ends before I start my new job on Friday. I am feeling a little stressed out about the transition and need to really work out my plan for getting my workouts in. I am thinking early, early AM or evenings. That is my only option. Really I'll only have a couple of evenings a week due to The Hub's schedule unless I use the bike trainer at home, which is a good plan.

Speaking of the bike trainer, I have a sprint triathlon coming up next weekend (not this weekend). I had hopes of doing really well but I have been slacking on the bike big time. I was told it is a hilly bike course too which is not boding well for me. I am certainly starting to see that more is not necessarily better. I have too much (i.e. too many races) on my plate. I need to focus on key races and train my booty (literally) off so that I can do really well in that one particular race. After this tri, on July 11 I a supposed to start my full marathon training. This could workout ok since I only have one other race planned in September.

The idea of marathon training is a bit daunting. During the Seattle Rock n Roll half we joked about being glad we were only doing the half. Actually I'm pretty sure I have felt this way during every single half marathon I have run that has a full marathon too. When I see the Marathon Mile 13 marker I usually say, "wow, thank goodness I'm only dong the half." But, I guess during 2 out of 3 marathons I have done I wished, at least at some point during the race, that I was doing the half. During OKC, my first full, the half never crossed my mind. I was loving the life of a 26.2 runner. During Portland I wanted to be done at mile 12, throw myself off the bridge at mile 17, and wished for a Mac truck around mile 23. During Vegas I was tempted by Tall Mom and the half finish line and declined, I stuck to my goal of 26.2. But by mile 13.5 I wished I had not taken that right hand turn that lead me to 13.1 more miles of fun (term used lightly). With all that being said, I am ready to tackle 26.2 in 2011. I think one this year is respectable. If anyone wants to argue that all I have to say is....Ahem, cough, cough....70.3! With marathon #4 my goal will be to run the race and not wish I was doing the half or for death at any point during the race. I think those are achievable goals. Don't you?

So with the excitement of Seattle Rock n Roll behind me I am going to ride the high for a while. Hopefully it will carry me right through my next tri and into full training.

Finally, I leave you with this picture of LB at the airport in his Cowboy Hat, like Farm Grandpa



  1. welcome back to the east coast! so which marathon did you decide on?????

  2. I'm leaning towards OBX at this point! Do you have any suggestions??? =)

  3. Respectable?? Um, a 70.3 and a marathon this year is more than respectable!

    Hubs rocks!!!

  4. Can't wait to follow your training :)

  5. What an adorable pic of your lil guy!!! I love it! Can't wait to read about your marathon training!

  6. There is ONE major reason I'm running the Chicago marathon as my first marathon...there is NO half marathon option...and it's FLAT!

  7. I always get a mental "boost" when we pass the half "turn off" and I keep running... makes me feel tough to be doing the full. :)

    Glad you are home and LOVE the pic of LB. So cute!

  8. I haven't tried yet, but I'm not sure if I could run past the half mark in a full! Seriously, I would find it hard to not cave in. Argh, why is running so hard?!!!! I'm impressed with your race schedule, with or without a full marathon.

  9. SO GOOD to be home! Man, whenever I go on vacation, no matter how good it is, I'm always so glad to get home.

    I'm terrible at unpacking too. I swear I live out of my suitcase for a week after I get home. doesn't it feel so good to take that last thing out of your suitcase. Brownie points to the hubby for cleaning and giving you some unwind time.

    Sounds like you have a fantastic vacation! I loved your race recap!

  10. Always. You're my favorite blogger. (Shhhhh Dont tell the others!!)

    I cant wait to get to NC and workout with a ROCKSTAR!


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