Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've got a plan...

And lets hope it's a good one.

It is time to get back on track after my destination race-vacation. I must have gained 5 or more pounds while gone. "How is that possible?" you ask. Well trust me, it is. It's actually quite simple. I hit up all my favorite restaurants and of course could not pass up my favorite M&M sugar cookies from Safeway. All that equals T.R.O.U.B.L.E. So I have made a plan that will also fit nicely with my new job that starts, oh, tomorrow.

  • Early, early AM runs starting July 5
  • Evening bike trainer rides
  • Back yard weights
  • 6 small, healthy meals/snacks a day
  • Swim when possible
Speaking of was my last day of Master's Swim, at least for now. My new job will have me commuting an hour each way so swimming at lunch, at least with this Master's team, is out of the question. The good news is that I got curious and started looking in the town where I will be working. They do have a gym and a Master's program but I know nothing about it. I left a message for the coach and hopefully I hear from him soon. It will take some time to get everything ironed out but for now I will not even be taking a lunch hour due to the commute. Hopefully, occasionally The Hubs will be able to pick LB up from camp or school and that will give me an opportunity to take a lunch during the day We will see how things pan out. The only thing that is keeping me remotely positive is thinking about all you YOU who work full-time jobs, juggle house, husband, children, pets and your workouts. It is possible, right? I can do this. Right? RIGHT?! Right. I can. And I will. I just have to stick to my plan above.

Anyway, back to swim today. We did an easy 2700 yds today. Our regular coach is out of town for the holiday and I am not sure but she may not have given the Kill Them With a 3,700 yd + Workout memo to the sub. Suits me fine. I felt good in the water today. I wasn't sore and I felt refreshed and slippery. Yeah, slippery. That is a good thing when it comes to swimming. I hope I feel this way in a week when I have my next tri.

I am pretty bummed to be leaving the Master's Team. It was pretty cool to work out as a team and train together. I was just starting to get to know them and I even through out the Sig Pose. One of the older men thought I was sticking my tongue out at him. Oops. FAIL. I had to explain that I was actually just tired and was not, in fact, sticking my tongue out at him. Maybe I'll be back if I can get my position transferred to the local office. That would be SWEEEET. Cross your fingers that a local position opens up like Tuesday and I can transfer. Mmmm...kay? Thanks.

Here is a pic of my last workout: Sad day....

I hope you all have fun, safe 4th of July!!! It's one of my FAVORITE holidays!!


  1. What exactly is Masters Swim? Do you have to try out before you do it?? Good luck in getting your position transferred! And your plan sounds awesome. You'll have that extra weight off in no time as well as be in some great shape...I'm sure you are already.

  2. Good luck with your new job!! I'm sure all will work out :)

  3. Good Luck with the new job! I have never been so productive as I was when I was a full time mom, and working full time and working out. You will find a rhythm.

  4. Have a great first day at work!

  5. New jobs have such a way of throwing a wrench in our training :( I wish you well with the adjustment. I'm sure you'll do great...afterall, when you love what you do, you figure out a way to do it :)

  6. i know that one day i will have to get a full time job again and it scares the BEJEEZES out of me!!!! i feel overwhelmed with a parttime job now!!! but maybe it gets easier once the kids get older??? i will definitely be watching a learning from you!

  7. Glad you enjoyed Seattle, and the food. I think Seattle has amazing food, so i have to restrain myself since i live there haha

  8. Holy mother A you are going to be a busy career woman, mommy, wife, triathlete, dog mommy--I KNOW you can do it!

    I will be cheering for you EVERY step of the way!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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