Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teach me, oh wise one…

I have been swamped this week! What? It’s only Tuesday?

It feels like I should be deep into Thursday with the amount of work I have done already…Leading up to a week off is always hard. Not to mention I have given my notice to quit this job and begin a new one when I return. I am ready to board my flight and head to OK to see my College BFF in town from Italy and drop LB off to spend a week with his Farm Grandma and Farm Grandpa! Then it is off to Seattle!!! I can’t wait!

Speaking of Seattle, Seattle Rock n Roll is on June 25! A whopping 67 people have RSVD’d to my Running Buddy Appreciation Day HERE! If you haven’t already just go ahead and do so!! All you have to do is say THANK YOU to that person who makes running bearable on those days you don’t want to! Hats off to you!! You complete me…Oh wait, maybe not that, but maybe so? Either way, I want this to become a yearly event! World Wide!! In 2045 I want to look back, on June 25th and say, “I remember when I declared that day….” Now if I could just somehow make some money off of it….But in all seriousness, we have Secretaries Day, Teacher’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Earth Day. And now Running Buddy Appreciation Day!

I never did say thank you for all your awesome comments on my post about doing too much HERE. Many of you gave some very valuable insight and resources. And all of you gave me such encouragement! I appreciate all of it. It is just so frustrating but it is somewhat comforting to hear that I am not alone. Many of us struggle with the same issues. That tells me a few things: We aren’t getting the right information, there is a huge GAP in the literature and information that is dispersed to us. We get inundated with training plans and workouts and the physical aspect of it but our nutrition and fueling is often left out. It is more than calories in calories out…which is what I was always told. The science is important and this should be taught, I think starting young, in high school sports. I played sports in HS  and college and my coaches never told me to go home and eat a healthy combination of Carbs/Fats/Proteins. My muscles were ripped to shreds in track and cross country practice and I had no idea how to eat to repair them…not placing the blame just pointing out what I see. If any of you have a love for nutrition and are looking for a niche, I think I have found it. You are welcome…now help us! 

The second thing I have learned is that Sports Nutritionist are expensive. But I guess the idea is that if you pay them the money you hopefully will learn the information and be able to apply it for the rest of your life, kind of like with my job as a therapist. I hope to give clients the tools they need so that they can go on with their lives and learn to make good decisions on their own.

I know I need more weight training. But where does it fit in my schedule? It fits in my evenings on my back porch. That is where. No excuses. Make it happen. Thank you all for giving me the nudge I needed to snap out of my pitty party and get it together. The verdict is that I am not overtraining. I know my body’s limits. I take rest days at least once a week. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not rest days…I love what I am doing and that is good enough. I will get to my ideal race weight. Eventually.

Monday I swam with the Master’s Program. Holy Swims A Lot!  Can you say 3,000 yards? That is a lot of swimming! I am truly loving it! The team is participating in a swim meat the weekend of the 25th. I would so be in that if I weren’t gong to be in Seattle!!  I would get killed but it would still be really cool to do it! This morning I rode my bike with the Hubs, or actually I chased him for 14 miles.  I have gotten pretty weak on the bike and I don’t see any time for improvement between now and my next tri on July 10th. Between travel and my new job I guess I’ll just have to hope for the best. Tomorrow  I am getting up early for a run then hitting up Master’s Swim mid morning. Busy busy busy!

Now it is off to bed for some sweet recovery sleep….did you know sleep is essential to recovery? It is…you don’t have to tell me twice to go to bed!! Good night, stay classy San Diego.


  1. Sure, bring up the running buddy appreciation thing just when I'm about to write what a crappy running buddy I am.

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  3. Yay! I invited all my running buddies to your event. :)

    I sooo wish I was coming to Seattle. Gahhh! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. What a great idea! Running Buddy Appreciation Day is going in the calendar.

  5. I must be excellent at recovery, because I get between 8-9 hours of sleep a night. hahahah

  6. Just RSVP'd... AWESOME idea. ;-) I have a lot of buddy appreciation to express!

  7. I just RSVP'd and invited my running buddies....what a great idea!


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