Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it Time Yet?

....the adult version of "Are we there yet?" ADD blogpost....

I have been having a great time and I am no where near done with the fun! It is really only just begun! Today I got to enjoy some PNW sunshine, granite it was about 40 degrees cooler than my home weather, but it was still amazing! We got to lay on the Tiger Blanket in the yard, like old times! The only thing missing was LB. Then we went to lunch before heading to David's Bridal for some wedding dress shopping with Jessica AKA ORC (Official Race Crew) and looked at some totally awesome abd beautiful wedding dresses and some Bride's Maid's dresses too. Guess I'll be coming back the PNW for a wedding!! Yipee!!!

Jess will be upholding her duties as Official Race Crew come Saturday. And as an added bonus she will be hanging with J-Ninja, who has traveled all the way from NC to run too!! Sad news is that J-Ninja has been suffering from an angry ITB for a few months now. She came anyway to see her friend who moved here from NC a few months ago but is opting out of the race. As luck would have it she met Jess ORC at our Half Iron Man back in May so she will be able to have company and cheer us on around mile 6 and the finish line with The ORC.

Now, J-Ninja has mentioned the fact that she has an extra bib. It is totally not allowed and horrible race etiquette, so don't even ask if you can have it. That would be wrong and not fair and against the rules... With that being said, I am just there anyone who disagrees? Anyone who would give an arm and a leg (post race of course) to run? I mean, like if someone were to drop their bib on the corner of 4th and Pine and you were to find it, would you pin it on and run? Totally hypothetical of course. Just curious. Shoot me an email or hit me up my FB page.

Tomorrow is a busy, busy day starting bright and early. I have a few must-do things in the AM then off to Seattle with RED and Sarah. We'll be checking into the hotel and then heading to the Expo. Then Bloggie Meetup Dinner at 5! I can't wait to see everyone!! What a day!!! I am sure I will be too excited to fall asleep at a decent hour. Speaking of sleep...yeah I haven't been sleeping very much this week. A three hour time change is huge and hard. Staying up until midnight here is like 3 AM in my world. Makes for a sleepy me....I'll be going to be any minute now...

Don't forget Running Partner Appreciate Day is coming up!! If you haven't already join the Facebook Page and show your appreciation for your running buddies HERE!

Did I mention that I can't wait to see Mel, Jess-Blonde Ponytail, Kerrie T, Jill and Zoe and many many more awesome old and new bloggy peeps? Well I am! I think this blog has been one amazing blessing for me and the people I have met through the blog have become a huge part of my life. I can't imagine not having them, so I'm not gonna....See you all SOON!


  1. Have so much fun!!! If I lived closer I would totally give you an arm for the bib and come hang out and run with you fun ladies. :) Kick butt!!

  2. If I lived closer or had extra $ laying around to take a flight from VA, I would be there. Need to add to my RnR bling.

  3. Yeehoo! Dontcha just love the rain? I am excited to meet new peeps today too!

  4. Busy girl!

    I love the running partner appreciation day, thanks for letting us know.

  5. Lucky! Have fun with MY Jessica! I would be mad but I just got to see her for two weeks and will get to see her again at the end of July. I guess you can borrow her for a little while. Good Luck on the 1/2 tomorrow! If I was home I would be that girl who "finds" bibs on the ground to wear, I would so run it... ill prepared and all (Because I am hardcore like that). :P

  6. Have fun and good luck! I can't decide if I'm more jealous that you get to run or get to play with all those girls!


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