Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops, I swam 1.761 miles…

And it was awesome!

Today I (and the The Hubs) swam 1.761 miles. I may accidentally be preparing for an Iron Man. Ok, ok, lets not get ahead of my self here but sheesh, if I keep this up all I need to work on is biking 112 miles and get the marathon after all that down. Ok, so after putting that down it is clear that I am not accidentally training for an Iron Man. I am just a swimmer in Master’s Swim. Either way today’s 3,100 yds is my farthest swim to date. It was a doozie! I had to take a picture of the board. It is hard to read maybe but on your left is a workout totaling 3,100 yds. On your right is one totaling 1,700 yds.


Sweet! I thought when I arrived, choice day!! I knew I would chose to do the 3,100 yards. So I jumped in and got started. If you notice near the bottom it says 12x25 sprint. Um, yeah. That was like death. I would rather run 1,000x25 sprints. That.Bad. We had the whole pool and so we did these as a team. Cool, right? It was like a race and it was also like being a part of team, because well we are a team. A swim team! So fun! UNTIL…she said GO! The fast ones were gone. I could see their splashes so far ahead it was not even funny. I was sharing a lane with a guy who was pretty good too. I staying with him sometimes, and others he would get me by a stroke or two. The idea was that the faster you swam these the longer you could rest. I don’t know how long, time wise, each one was, maybe 30 seconds, or 45? But each time by the time I hit the wall there was only about 7 seconds to rest. The last one could not have come quick enough. But I did it! I love doing something hard! I love the feeling of accomplishment! I have never had structured swim like this and so far I love it. And it is something The Hubs and I are doing together. QT and exercise. Can’t beat that! Too bad I wont be able to continue after July 1. Full time jobs sure do put a damper on my training. Can’t I just be a pro? Who will take a chance on me? Who will step up and sponsor me 100%? I promise I can do it! I’ll win! (just email me, we can work out details). I want my full-time job to be to train….le sigh….

I had plans to lift and do an easy, easy run after the swim but that was before I realized how serious this workout would be. I took the rest of the day off. I may hit up some Ab Ripper before bed. Tomorrow will be early speed work, Friday swim and easy run. Saturday rest and travel! And I bet Sunday will be rest day too. I am looking forward to my rest days!

Here I am after my workout and our Coach is there giving some stroke tips (hope you don’t mind your pic being here on the blog??). Most everyone was gone by this point.


And this is what almost 2 hours of free style swimming outside will do for you…


Next time I‘m going to get out halfway through to reapply the sunscreen.

And in random news, last night I got banished from the kitchen while The Hubs and LB made me dinner. I heard The Hubs say to LB, “Should we make it fancy?” I came to the table to find my fancy dinner, water in crystal, tuna steaks, salad with almonds and strawberries, pasta and cherries for desert. It was delish!


And finally, remember my Ambassador video for Fitfluential? Well I got the word today that I was selected to represent the Raleigh/Durham, NC area!! Check it out here: Fitfluential. I am super pumped!! I can’t wait to see all the exciting things to come!

So many exciting things are happening here at 5MPE! You may also have noticed, on the upper right side of the blog, that I am now proudly sponsored by! Now if only I could quit my day job (that I haven’t even started yet…).

Well, again I hear my bed calling my name…that thing is so needy. But I cannot decline. I need my beauty recovery sleep! Happy training!!


  1. Way to go!! Looks like things are going well for you. I can't IMAGINE swimming that far. You are a rockstar!!! Congrats on the sponsorships!

  2. You guys are living the high-life.

    So simple, yet so fill of passion!

  3. I didn't know your real life name, but I knew you as soon as I saw your signature pic :)

    Nice bio! Some of those are...interesting.

    Awesome workout today!

  4. Congrats on Fitfluential ambassador that is awesome! I am subscribing to it.

  5. You are a machine!! :)

    Dinner sounds/looks yummy!

    Happy training, rest days, and weekend to you!

  6. Nice! Awesome to read about other people's USMS teams, I love it! And hope I wasn't too pushy the other day with my nutrition comment, didn't mean to be. Congrats on the exciting things happening to you!

  7. LOVE the photo of dinner! It is a work of art and makes me want to be there for your next meal! Great job swimmin'!

  8. Congrats on FitFluential! You're awesome!

    you triathletes amaze me. I'm exhausted just thinking about what you did. And I just ran a 200 mile relay!


    Awww, so sweet with the fancy dinner. The salad looks amazing.

    And congrats on being selected as an ambassador!!

  10. Shew... thats a swim!!

    Come check out my new community on my blog called "Mom on the Run" ... its a fun way for moms to connect!!

  11. I'm exhausted just reading that swim workout. hAHAHHAHA

  12. aww this really made me miss my high school swim team. Gosh maybe I should find one in Miami, I knowt they must exist


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