Monday, May 9, 2011

70.3 Plan-ish…

Only 3 days and some change until 70.3. Um….uh…..I’ya….. well…. um, yeah……What the heck!?!?!?!?!

Where did the last 4.5 months go!?

Things are getting crazy around here.

Did I tell you we have rented a cabin for the weekend? Yeah, when I say cabin I mean like a shell of a building with bunk beds and screened windows. No AC. No private bathroom. Just a cabin. Think church camp circa 1990. It’s all a part of the weekend 70.3 experience. A cabin for three couples, LB and My Official Race Crew. That’s right, you heard me correctly!! Jessica-My Official Race Crew will be here to witness my demise to take her place as My Official Race Crew (MORC), to take photos, videos, hand me orange slices, and spray me with sunscreen.  I am pumped to see her and to have her here to be a part of this whole grand adventure. It is only fitting since she traveled to OKC for my first marathon…

So anyway, back to the cabin. It is gonna be awesome!

We plan to head out Friday afternoon and head to the lake to pick up our race packets and cabin keys. We will be eating dinner there at a local church for $12 followed by a race briefing. Yeah, don’t want to miss that. Then it is back to our transition area to make sure everything is set up just right.

Luckily the cabins are right there, literally 50 feet from the race start. So I can roll out of bed at 6 AM. Who am I kidding though, probably wont. I will be nervous. Either way we don’t have to get up at 3 AM and have the stress of traveling to the start. We will already be there! Ahhh….such a relief.

Then after our race Saturday it is the guys turn. The Hubs and maybe J-Ninja’s hubs are planning to do the sprint! And I will get to meet Carmen, local DMer  and blogger, who is doing the sprint as well!

Today I got super busy but the plan was to practice transitions. Maybe I’ll be able to do it Wed. But Hubs got some practice in and I, of course was there to catch it on video.

Practice Makes Perfect

Shortly after this video was filmed The Hubs blew out the tire, on MY tri bike!! Thank goodness he did it today and it wasn’t me in the first 3 miles of my race! I would have been done-zo. Wednesday night J-Ninja’s hubby is putting on a mini Learn to Fixit Seminar in their garage. Thank goodness…I have no idea how to fix anything.

It is all coming together! Let’s hope it comes to a peak in fitness and preparedness on Saturday morning!

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  1. You will do great! Just remmeber it could be worse. It could be an Ironman, that always helps!

  2. Ahhhh! Ha ha ha!!! TRUE!! Thanks for cracking me up Shelby!! Question, what will get me through a 140.6 if I dare????

  3. love the video.
    can't wait to hear how the race goes. ;)

  4. So the race is Saturday? That's when my mary is too!

    So thankful the tire thing happened tonight! Someone is looking out for you--I have a great feeling about this race for you! OKC who?


    ANNNNNNND, happy belated MOTHERS DAY!!

  5. I think that is what scares me the most about biking: fixing a flat or fixing a chain.

    I'd be like, duuuuuuuhhhh.

  6. I have no idea how to fix a tire or anything else on a bike. If I ever have issues during a race, I will be done for! Glad you're getting educated on it.

  7. Favorite part of the video?? Hearing your voice, we must call more than text. Good luck! You've Freakin got this!! Come on, relax and believe.

  8. So wish I could be there, but I am overjoyed that Jess will be there.. WOOT Jess rocks!!

  9. Good luck! Carmen is my neighbor, I know both of you will rock your races!!

  10. You are going to rock your 70.3, I'm sure of it! You can do this! You've had amazing training and you've got motivation! You're awesome!

  11. I love "ish" and your Plan"ish" sounds good to me. The cabin will be FUN! Totally worth it to be so close to the start. Countdown is on!!!

  12. I liked your giggles :O)

    Can't believe it is already here. Good luck to you!!

  13. good luck this weekend. My husbands doing his first 70.3 on sunday at disney. I can't wait to hear all about your race.

  14. What? How is it race time already? I'll be praying for ya this weekend... go kick some booty!!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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