Sunday, May 22, 2011

FitFluential Ambassador-Do I Have What it Takes?


Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that you simply cannot pass up. For me, the opportunity showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago. I mulled it over, and over….and over. Am I worthy? Was this a mistake? A courtesy call? A randomly generated email? Maybe yes to all of those questions but the reality is I want to give it a shot.

Ok, OK!!! Aright already you are saying! What is it???

I am applying to be a FitFluential Ambassador for the Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, North Carolina area!!


If you haven’t heard of FitFluential then you should really check them out. I have a button on the right hand side of my blog that will take you to their sight. In a quick overview, FitFluential is a new up and coming network that is striving to connect  Influencers, or 5 Miles (and well, that would mean YOU as my readers too), with  companies whose products, missions, beliefs and passion for punishment running, fitness, and now TRIs, align with mine!! This company will give me  the opportunity to talk about fitness and products as a “messenger” and the goal is to spread the word about ALL things fitness-related to all the people in the FitFluential network-and YOU!! And get this…I would be invited to co-host FitFluential events in my area! Who wouldn’t want to get up and talk about their passion? Question though---can I wear my medals behind the podium? Too much? Nah…. In short, this is an opportunity that I believe I cannot pass up. I get pretty excited thinking about it and thinking about all the people I could reach!

As part of the application process, FitFluential wants to know what makes me All That and More….so I will oblige them, and you:

  • 70.3need I say more? Ok, I will…I swam 1.2 miles in 44 mins. I rode my bike 56 miles with some chick’s snot rockets on my leg. I traveled 13.1 miles on foot through, heat, humidity and then a tornado warning. All that and more….
  • In 2008 I ran 12 races in 11 months while my husband was deployed. I did so as a geographically single mom and a grad school student working full time. And along those lines…
  • I am a military wife and have juggled work, school, house, running and mothering on my own for months on end….
  • I have ran 13 half marathon’s
  • I ran 3 full marathons in 2010
  • I crashed my beautiful tri bike going down a hill at 25 mph and was up and training in less than a week.
  • I have motivated and encouraged my readers and friends to get out and get active!
  • I’m a great dancer…wait, nope..not that. I can’t dance.

I don’t need your votes or anything at all! I know, can you believe it? But what I do ask is that if I have encouraged you or motivated you in any way over the last couple of years just let me know in a quick comment. You don’t have to go into details but really, that is what this is all for…to share my story and encourage others!! And if you are so inclined you can visit their Facebook Page  or twitter (@FitFluential) to put in a good word for me!

And here is a little video I put together!

FitFluential Ambassador Video

Thanks everyone! I know that this could not be possible without YOU! I hope you know that you all have encouraged and motivated me as well! You have often been the little push that keeps me going, that pushes me to the finish line! I truly hope I have been a force to your finish as well!


  1. You are MORE than worthy for this. Seriously, rockstar. Can't wait to meet you :)

  2. What a cool honor! Congratulations!

  3. The video is awesome and HECK YES you have what it takes! You have shown so much grit and determination over and over again, some examples in the list you provided AND MORE. You do it all with a smile (or your tongue hanging out)!

  4. You're an awesome ambassador for fitness! Way to go.

  5. I have been following you for awhile but I didn't know you are a military wife! I am too, Air Force. We don't have kids and it is still hard to balance work, managing the household, and training for races while my husband is deployed. You are amazing!

  6. Great video!! You'd be a great ambassador of fitness. Rock on girlfriend!

  7. Such a great video!

    You have inspired me as an Army wife and juggling motherhood and your athletic life. It's not easy! I started following you last year (found your thru Tall Mom I think) and have been addicted and inspired by your blog ever since. I felt a connection with you because my partner of 6 years was deployed 09-10. I set a goal at the end of 2009 while he was deployed to run a half marathon in 2010. It was hard being away from home, juggling my running schedule, working full time and all while running my son around to school, sports and other activities. It was nice to be able to read your blog and know that it is possible to do it all and not sit at home and be sad all day long while he was gone. I completed my half marathon goal and was hooked on running!. I have now run multiple halfs and 2 fulls and Seattle RnR will be my 3rd full!

    (I am posting this on their FB page!)

  8. Good luck! Sounds like you'll be a rockstar

  9. Ahh I don't even know where to start on how much you have motivated and especially ENCOURAGED me! You helped me with a training plan for my first half....kept checking in on me to see how my training was going...kept telling me that I COULD DO IT, and I DID!!! You make it known that you have not so great runs too, and that I'm not the only one who falls! You are truly an inspiring person! Thanks for all you do!

  10. You totally have what it takes! You have inspired me to push myself while having a blast! You rock and your enthusiasm is contagious!

  11. Excellent video A!!! Your experiences make you so relateable and INSPIRING! especially mentioning how you made a "choice" adnlike to help people and encourage others. I really, really hope you get this!

    Will the sig pos be on your business card?! ;)

  12. You are an awesome inspiration!

    To this point, I've been solely a runner... and don't get me wrong, I love it and am beginning training for my first 50-miler. But - that aside, your training for and racing a 70.3 has me thinking that maybe I could try one some day (proving that our athlete-minds really are warped, since I'm excited about something despite your stories of pain, snot-rockets and tornado warnings)!!

    Thank You for this glimpse into your life -- and for all that you and your husband do for ALL of us!!

  13. You are so meant to be an ambassador! I think you should get a funny hat if you become one! I have often turned to your blog for a funny dose of encouragement or inspiration and even now you are going out of your way to help Jesse, which proves you are a rock star!

  14. You'd be an awesome ambassador!!

    And PS, don't think I haven't forgotten about the American Triple T! Any new thoughts after having done the Half Iron?


You're pretty much awesome!!


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