Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Miles of Newness!

So I have 10 miles on the table for the morning. It’s 11:15 so I need to get to bed or else I may not make it out the door. I am just a little bit, ok a TON…excited for 10 miles of new running scenery! I can’t wait!!

Today was a sun-filled day and there is more where THAT came from (after I run of course)!!


Yep, LB pretty much sums it up with that pic….

I wanted to remind you to enter my Saucony shoe giveaway if you haven’t already HERE!!! And get this… is having a giveaway too!! What is up with all the shoe giveaways? I have no idea but it is awesome!! So head over and check it out HERE! Who knows, maybe you will win both pairs! That would be nuts!

What are you doing this holiday weekend?

Anyone know of good running routes in Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, NC? If not I’ll hit up Map My Run. Can’t go wrong with that, or I’ll just run aimlessly for 5 miles then try to remember my way back.

Happy weekend!


  1. Enjoy, it is amazing the energy that comes with new and beautiful scenery.

  2. This weekend is filled with runs, bbqs, and board games.

    Enjoy exploring new territory! I would just head out in some direction 5 miles, and hope to find your way back.

  3. Have a good, beautiful run! Looks like an amazing place!

  4. That is a great picture, i love it. Have a great ten mile run!

  5. I am aiming for 10 miles myself this morning. But it is NOT hot here... not even warm.

  6. Have an awesome weekend! Cute pic of LB

  7. I love running in new places - especially places that are prettier than where I live. :)

    This weekend I'm getting some workouts in and then spectating/beer drinking at Ski to Sea which is a relay race up here in Bellingham. Will be fun!

  8. I love a good change in scenery! Have an awesome run!

  9. i swear i'm reading!!! my rss feed thingy is making me lazy - god forbid i click EXTRA to comment :-P

    hope the 10 miler went well. hope to see you at RnR!! :-)

  10. Hope you had a good 10 miler and are enjoying your holiday weekend!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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