Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Convenience is worth $1,000,000…

For real, yo! Don’t you think?


When we moved to our current house, our current place of residence, we knew shopping would be…er, lacking, to put it nicely. The mall stinks and the closest thing to a specialty running store is Dicks Sporting Goods. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dicks. They have some good stuff, spankies, bright colored running gear, pretty much everything I guess. BUT it’s no South Sound Running Store or Fleet Feet and it is the most annoying drive across town for me. The nearest specialty running store is over an hour and a half away. But I digress…

We knew most of our shopping would be done ONLINE! Low and behold I found onlineshoes.com and they have RUNNING shoes! Check out their Running home page HERE! They have most brands you could ask for! I was drawn immediately to the Saucony Minimalist shoes!

So after combing through the Saucony shoes, one by one….I finally chose these beautiful, black and pink shoes:

The Saucony ProGrid™ Mirage

image                             image


Aren’t they great!!?

Don’t like pink? Shhhh…..     imageDon’t tell me that BUT they are also available in: White/Purple/Pink, White/Blue/Navy, Blue/Citron, Silver/Black/Blue.

What Saucony says about the shoe:

The Saucony ProGrid™ Mirage shoe is lightweight, responsive and provides a touch of guidance for the neutral to slight overpronator. This women's running shoe features a synthetic and mesh upper with memory foam heel pods for customized cushioning. The EVA midsole lends support, while the XT-900™ outsole of the Saucony ProGrid™ Mirage athletic shoe ensures reliable traction.

What The Hubs says:

“Those are hot.”

So I am pretty sure I will be ordering my running shoes from onlineshoes.com from here on out. My time is $$ and ordering online is just the simplest way for me to shop, especially when I know what I want. They were FAST and easy! And returns are super easy too!

Last night I was in a bad mood. I hadn’t gotten to workout all day and was waiting for my turn to get out on the road.  Finally things had settled down, LB was in the bath, The Hubs was doing his home workout and it was time for me to head out, in the dark, for my 3 mile run. I slid on my Saucony’s and hit the neighborhood. I was about two steps into my run when I realized something was different…my new shoes were broken in! They felt great! The breaking-in stage of shoes is rough, but necessary, and the way they feel when they are broken in is sooooo goooood. You know what I mean?  It is just a great feeling to put on a pair of running shoes that could double as slippers or flip-flops. I’m happy with my switch to Saucony! These shoes will carry me through a few exciting races: Army 10 miler, Rock n Roll Seattle, Raleigh Sprint Tri, White Lake International Tri and whatever else comes my way! Me and my Pink Saucony ProGrid™ Mirage are going to spend a lot of time together…and I CAN’T wait!


  1. Hey, hey! I love your blog...you are funny as all get OUT! I never comment. Sorry. I thought I'd make sure you know about this site too:

  2. Those shoes look sweet... And the Pink is awesome

  3. pink and black is always a winning combo in my opinion. Great shoes!

  4. I love the shoes, and all things pink!

  5. Awesome shoes. Your husband's reaction is priceless. :)

  6. Love the color combo of those shoes!

    I have a pair of Saucony Kinvaras and I LOVE them!
    Mine are pink and white.

  7. Yes I agree the Air Force is the best branch! Lol. The donut is from Voodoo in Portland. But I have seen one similar to it at Pike Place Bakery in Seattle. So if you ever come back to visit the PNW there are a few places to get one!

  8. Haha, I do love pink and I love the shoes! I love my specialty running stores, but honestly they're pretty expensive for shoes! I got fitted for mine there and bought my first pair there, but now buy them online. I can get my $110 shoes for $55 and free shipping online, so I gotta do it! Money don't grow on trees!:) Haha.

  9. Another great source for online shopping is RunningWarehouse.com LOVE their site....and if you put in the code BUZZD you get an additional 10% off. They have great prices..I just got some Saucony Kinvara's for $62.00 and they always have free 2 day shipping. I also ordered a new Garmin 310XT and got the 10% off too!
    Love the new shoes..black and pink rules!

  10. I'm loving your new kicks! And YAY for online shopping! Too bad it costs a fortune to ship anything to Canada. BOO!

  11. Love the new running shoes - I love pink, so I especially love your new shoes! My current running shoes were lacking some pink, so I added hot pink bungee laces. Now, they look awesome :) Hope you like running in your new Saucony's

  12. Love the pink and black shoes! I also love online shopping. Glad the new shoes are working for you.

  13. O my those shoes are sooo pretty. I bought new shoes last month and for the first time they weren't pink :(

    Now i want your shoes. Hmmm... how to convince the hubby I need these?...

  14. Lots of great comments on my post today about the kinvaras!! Many liked like them paired with the Frees! ;)

  15. I have an absolute fear of online shopping for anything clothing or apparel related. I very much need to try things on and test them out in store before I buy.

    But I'm glad the Saucony seem to have worked out well for you!


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