Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Kind of Runner am I?

Today I met up with AN the RB for an easy run. Well easy for me. She decided to do 9.5 and I elected to meet up with her to do the last 3.75 with her. She came hauling down the hill to our meeting spot with her arms flailing, like she was flagging for help. It was funny. But not as funny as the woman who was dancing and jogging at the same time. Oh trust me, it is possible. She even stopped to do the leg out to the side, slowwwwwllly toe-drag it back to center, spin, wave arms, shrug shoulders, cock head to the side, spin, repeat…I kid you not. I could NOT make this stuff up! She was oblivious to anyone around her. She was lip singing like no other! It was amazing! I kind of envy people who have not a care in the world. We were snickering about her for a good quarter mile, and then we met her again on our return to the ending spot. She had not slowed a beat and was still dance-jogging.

So I have crossed paths with the Beauty Runner and the Dance Jogger...wonder what kind of runner I am?

I decided to take my dog with me since it was going to be an easy jog. He is quite lazy and doesn’t get out much to run. As usual by the third mile he was dragging behind. Poor guy. When we got back to the car he even had a bloody paw pad. I am such a bad doggy mom!

But at least I saw to it he had a pillow to rest on!

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I am even closer to my 30 mile challenge goal! I will definitely make it.

I am grateful:
That the hubs will be home in about an hour!
That I had a nice run.
That I got to have a long talk with an old friend!! I love catching up! It has been too long Annie Baby!
For a clean house.
Run Happy!


  1. LOL.

    That's all I've got.

  2. Oh, oh - looks like you might be the bad doggy runner... You better load him up with treats!

  3. Happy Hubby Day!!!
    Enjoy the long weekend with the family and congrats in advance on the 30 miles - that, my friend, is awesome!!!!

  4. YIPPEE for hubby coming home. Hmmm you are the runner who trips and gets back up...LOL JK!!

    I have seen some funny things on the run but dance jogging that is a new one..

  5. That was one happy runner you saw. Wow! I think that's how running should be.
    How old is your doggie? You don't know much about me yet but my furry son is my favorite running partner. He's five (in a week) and has been running with me since he was seven months old. ;)

  6. It takes all kinds....

    Glad your "Mr." finally made it home! :)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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