Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Today!

This is why I named my blog 5 Miles 2 Empty:

I HATE buying gas, and it seems like I am always almost out of it. Today I made plans to meet up with AN the RB for a 6 mile run on 5 Mile(s of hills) Drive. I called her around 3 o'clock and practically twisted her arm over the phone, and maybe drug her out of her afternoon nap. Neither of us really felt like going for a run, it has been one of those lazy days. But she knew that if she didn't come along I most likely would not have made it out. What a trooper! What a gal! What a friend! What a running buddy!!! She came along! We met up and started out. It was painful. It was uphill. We both were achy, tired and full of complaints. We had pretty much decided to do like one mile and come back tomorrow for our 6. But by the time we got to the top of that stupid hill we had warmed up and loosened up a bit and continued on. We are such good running buddies. When ones slacks the other pushes and it just works.

We ran the 5 Mile Drive and I complained nearly the entire way about stupid cars that think it is ok to drive 50 MPH on a scenic drive. REALLY? Come on people, if you are in a hurry then just don't come. Whatever. That is my serious pet peeve: People who drive too fast around pedestrians. Get a life. Aaanyway...We saw 17, yes I said 17, raccoons on the side of the road, in one pack! It was like a convention or something! We feared for our lives. Thank goodness neither of us were wearing anything shiny or had a snack on us or we could have been raccoon dinner!

By the time we rounded the corner and caught sight of our cars we were nearing 4.75 miles. I had decided to stop and get in my car and be happy with 4.75. AN the RB also opted to end her run. Then I had a change of heart. My training this week has been pretty good, my times are improving and there HAS to be a good reason for this 6 mile run piggy backing my 3 Mile Pace run. I could not waste this week of training, 1.25 more miles it is. So I got a drink and headed back out to do the last of my run. It went pretty well and I finished my last mile in 9.03. Not too shabby with the hills and coming off of 5 miles.

So, today was not a 5 Miles 2 Empty day!
What fills your tank?
What keeps you motivated to go just one more mile?

Today I am grateful:
For a fun time at the dog park.
For my awesome running buddy (who is SO much more than that) wh
keeps me going and came into my life for a reason. :)
Warm showers.
New razors.
Sweat pants!
Run Happy!!

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  1. you crack me up! And what keeps me going is how I felt when I was so much skinnier, and the fact that being done with school I can work out again and be guilt free. I don't want to be a hypocrite RN I want to be healthy and live a long life. I don't want to be a part of the epidemic in our country. Also lots of goals for the future keep me going!

  2. Raccoon dinner? I certainly hope you are joking.

    Raccoon Orphanage

  3. Hm, thanks for stopping by my blog Matzo! I certainly was NOT joking about possibly being raccoon dinner. 17 raccoons out in the day a mere 3 feet away from us is not normal, and they looked hungry. I hope you did not misunderstand and think we could possibly consider eating raccoons for dinner. Gross.

  4. How cool is that to have such a running buddy! Great job that you went running.

    What keeps me going the last mile? I don't want to have to write on my blog that I didn't make it :) I want to say that I've made it all the way. That's why I went running today even though my health isn't that good right now and that's why I kept running that 10K instead of less.

  5. I too HATE buying gas. Hate, hate, hate it! I drive for miles and mile after my gas light comes on. It's bad, I know, but I hate buying gas!

    I do however LOVE seeing animals on my run. Very rarely do I have the time to appreciate the beauty and nature that I live in, so it's nice running and seeing deer or squirrels. Just something little that makes me smile!! :)

  6. 17 Raccoons! Spooky! Way to go the extra miles! It'll pay off!

  7. Hey Amanda! I found your blog last night and didn't have time to post a comment. Thanks for following me as well!

    I'm can't wait to begin a running program, I've been so inspired by all the cool running blogs out there!

    Looking forward to hearing more from your blog!


  8. The last mile. Ah. Well, I've never run longer and regreted it, but plenty of times I've stopped short and wished I hadn't. Regret is what keeps me going - I don't want any!

  9. great post! I hate to stop and get gas too. What keeps me going for that last mile is me! I always feel so good and talk myself into it!LOL

  10. Great job sticking with the 6 miles!!!

    Ahhhhh, to be thankful for sweatpants would be so awesome right now.....It registered 97 degrees in my car yesterday at 5:15PM - yuck...will it ever get cool????

  11. Raccoons CRAZY!!

    Love the picture.. I thought that your Blog name had to do with after 5 miles your energy was empty..

    I LOVE to check the days off of my training I will try my best to hit my miles so I can red pen that sucker..


You're pretty much awesome!!


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