Friday, September 18, 2009

Run for the Dogs

Today’s 3 mile pace run was uneventful. That is good when compared to an eventful run. On Wednesday AN the RB met me for an easy 3 mile run. Since my half training plan has me doing pretty short runs (3 miles) we decided we could bring the dogs along. If you remember last time I took Lazy Dog for a 3 mile run I was dragging him by the end, his paw started bleeding, and he was out (on a pillow; read about it HERE) for the rest of the day. I am happy to say I am slowly getting Lazy Dog back into shape. Anyway, AN the RB has a puppy (almost 1 year old) black lab that we can call Happy Puppy. She accompanies AN the RB often on runs so this was nothing new to her, but she hasn’t run with Lazy Dog for quite some time.

So we set out on our 3 mile run, the dogs were crazy and tangled in the leases for the first 10 minutes so we let them get it out of their systems before we started. Finally, we were off. Lazy Dog was leading the way, like he thinks he is the head honcho or something, typical German Shepherd. Around mile 1.25 we saw another Crazy Dog on the other side of a fairly busy street. It all happened so fast but that Crazy Dog just KNEW he HAD to come and play with Lazy Dog and Happy Puppy. He tore out across that busy street and tires screeched and yelps were heard! That poor Crazy Dog was hit by a pickup! Thank goodness the truck didn’t squish him with the tires, just hit him with the bumper and made a loud thud. Crazy Dog got up and ran to his back yard. It was quite a fiasco. AN the RB tied up Happy Puppy and ran to check on Crazy Dog. I stayed on the other side of the street for a few minutes, Lazy Dog can be kind of unpredictable under stress (i.e. he may eat someone). Turns out the dog seemed to be ok, the owner reassured the driver (who had a tiny new born baby with her) that it was not her fault and the gate was left open. It was awful. I hate seeing that sort of thing. Hopefully Crazy Dog is ok.

We continued on our run. We ran through a part of town that I haven’t ran through very often, maybe three times before. So we have decided for our next long run we should explore that area again. There were so many pretty houses, yards, and flowers. Before we knew it my Garmin yelled at us to tell us we were done. So we walked. We walked .96 miles home. I don’t know why we didn’t run home but I think it was because I was again dragging Lazy Dog.

Thursday was a rest day, which means I taught water aerobics and did yoga. I can really tell a difference in my flexibility since starting up with yoga again and spending more time stretching in general. Today was a 3 mile pace run which means I was supposed to run 3 miles at the pace I will be running my half marathon (ideally).

Stats for todays run:
Mile 1: 8:25.76
Mile 2: 8:20.66
Mile 3: 9:02.12 (Ooops, what happend here?)

Oh well, this is a good start, now if I can just hold that 8:20 pace for 13.1 miles I will have my sub 2:00 half for sure! I can certainly tell the tempo runs and interval training are helping!! I will press onward!

Today I am grateful for:
The weekend!
Indian Summer!

An awesome giveaway over at Busy Running Mama! Click HERE to enter to win!! I love a chance for free stuff!!!!
Run Happy!


  1. Um I miss you! Glad that crazy dog was ok and that you are getting Lazy Dog back in shape! Maybe he and I can hit up the Titlow one of these days !

  2. Thanks for the shout out and great job on your three mile pace run!! That's pretty fast in my book!! Great job!!

  3. Nice run, hope the dog is okay!

  4. Running with Dogs scares me...stems from a scary incident when Lassies attacked my grandma's leg while on a bike ride...

    I would LOVE LOVE to run with you seriously...I would love to help you get that would be super fun..

    Soooo I was looking at local races, for cheaper prices. There are a couple races in Rochester, one on Halloween and one mid December.. I am thinking of doing both...trying to see if the race director will cut me a break.. Rochester is probably about 40 minutes from Tacoma.. Just FYI..

  5. Oh boy, lucky that Crazy Dog wasn't hurt too much. Running with my dog is not an option :) She's 16 years old and I have to carry her home after our late night walk :lol: The only possibility would be if I would do some weight lifting during running and carry her :)

    I like Pilates over Yoga, going to pick that up again this week for the same reason as you do: flexibility.

    Have a nice Sunday!


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