Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who is having an ENDURANCE give away?

Today’s schedule called for interval training on the track: 6 x 400m at 5K pace. So my goal was to keep my fast quarters below 2:00.00. Starting out was tough and I was sore from yesterdays run but once I got going there was no turning back. I am seeing too much improvement in my times to NOT follow through with this training routine.

Stats for today:

½ mile warm up: 4.43.23

Lap 1: 1:36.96
Lap 2: 2:42.46
Lap 3: 1:39.79
Lap 4: 2:39.28
Lap 5: 1:50.87
Lap 6: 2:42.66
Lap 7: 1:49.83
Lap 8: 3:46.58
Lap 9: 1:45.53
Lap 10: 3:00.34
Lap 11: 1:45.13
Lap 12: 3:31.68

½ mile cool down

Total: 4 miles

I know that my 5K pace is not a 6:30 (ish)/mile pace and ideally I would shoot for an 8 min pace which means I should be doing my quarters at 2 min per lap. So WHY do I kill myself just to get those faster splits? I think know it is in the hopes of improving my overall mile times. I am seeing my times fall below 9 min/mile BUT I am not sure how long I can sustain the pace. Can you say ENDURANCE? I neeeed it! So if any of you see on any blogs that someone is having an endurance give away LET ME KNOW! :)

Today I am grateful for:
Friends at the park.
Airline tickets for November for a sweet multi city West Coast vaca!!
Jeans that are fitting a little bit looser.
A chance to win some awesome Thorlo socks from Tall Mom on the Run!! Head over there for your chance to win too!!! (click anywhere on this sentence)

Run Happy folks!


  1. I think speedwork is good too. I will keep doing that this winter and hopefully I will improve my 10K time over the winter.

    Good job!

  2. Hehehe...Thanks for the link. Gosh I would love to host an endruance Giveaway...wonder if God has an email address..

    Good work on the SPEED!!! I am very curious how my speed training this summer will translate in the 1/2 Marathon distance.. TBD I guess..

  3. Speedwork is great - and def improves times. My run portion of the tri's has dropped drastically from last year by doing way more speedwork. Great workout!!! You are totally going to rock a 5k!!!

  4. i'm so with you on the trying to run 400s faster. i feel you, i can get my pace low for a good 800 - 400m but i hate that i can't sustain it. so awesome job!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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