Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bank to Bay 1K

Today was my Little Running Buddy's big race, Bank To Bay 1K!! We began the day early and headed downtown to pick up his bib and t-shirt around 8 AM. We had plenty of time to get his bib pinned on and the Garmin set up, which he was super excited to wear! I had it programmed for .62 of a mile: 1K! I tried to put the heart rate monitor on him but he is just too skinny and I couldn't get it to stay.

They started the 6 year olds and up first followed by the 5 and under wave. My Little Buddy was pretty nervous, it was really cute. He kept asking if we were going to be running with him. The big ole bull horn sounded and my Little Buddy was OFF! He took off so fast I couldn't keep up! I was swerving and weaving in and out of kids left and right! They were like puppies! All under my feet! And none of them could run a straight line to save thier life. It is really hard running with 100 kids all under 3.5 feet tall! I was a good 25 feet behind my Little Buddy but The Hubs was on his tail. I finally caught up just in time for him to slow his pace a bit. At the halfway mark where we turned around he got passed by a girl with her mom and a man yelled out, "don't let her beat you!" and my Little Buddy was off again! He held either my hand or The Hubs hand for the next 200 yards until we saw the finish. I gave him some encouragement and told him to finish strong. He took off again! The little booger had been holding out for the finish! He ran so hard and crossed that finish line! They gave him his Medal and he posed for some silly pictures. In all it was a blast and I know he had fun too, and in the end that is all that matters.

Race Stats:
1K: 7:41
1/4 mile splits: 4:37, 2:49

For some reason the Garmin logged this as .52 of a mile, not quite 1K. Not sure if this is due to Garmin Grimlins or the course is not USATF Certified Course. I may have to speak with the Race Director about this.

This is my Little Buddy at the finish! He didn't get a medal but a strange laminated piece of paper. Oh well, he thought it was pretty cool nonetheless.

So check out the Garmin Stats here:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

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I am so proud of my Little Running Buddy!

Today I am grateful:

for the beautiful day of sun!

that my Little Running Buddy had a great race today!

for a great date-night with The Hubs last night!

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Run Happy!

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  1. Laminted piece of paper?? Hmmm...maybe get him a cool wallet for it to go in. SOOO CUTE! Glad you had a great date night..

  2. OMG that might be the CUTEST thing EVER! Congrats to little man!!!!

  3. Cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for active kids, just like mommy :)

  4. He is so adorable!

    My last race had a kids run before I had to run and it's so great to watch those kids running. I'm sure you and the hubs enjoyed every bit of it.

  5. oh my, how great!! looks like you've got yourself a future running partner!

    thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciated your comment. And thank you to your husband, for his (and YOUR) service to our country.

  6. That is just sooooo grat and you can tell Little Running Buddy I said so!!!!
    He did a great job and he is just sooooo cute!!

  7. Aww!!!he is soo cute!! Thats awesome that he runs!I hope my twins will when they get a little older!
    I am new so please stop by my blog

  8. Another racer in the making! He will soon learn about the grimlins in the Garmin.
    Thanks for sharing the moment.

    WTG - Little Running Buddy

  9. What a cute little guy! Glad you guys had fun!

  10. i;m having fun checking out your old posts and this is ADORABLE! he's adorable!


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