Monday, September 14, 2009

Treadmill + Mirror = Let’s just say it hurts to watch.

Today I did my easy 3 mile run on the treadmill at the Y. I hate running in front of a mirror. It is just painful to watch. My iPod is still dead (I am 99.9% certain it will not be revived this time around) so I was running with nothing, old school style. There were two ladies gossiping it up next to me, too bad I was totally uninterested in the latest Y gossip, that could have helped entertain me. Then there was the super fit chick that walked by, like 5 times and was not sweaty at all. How she got to be super fit walking around the gym and not working out I have idea, but I would love to be in the secret. Then the poor lady who kept dropping her iPod, I swear it flew off the back of her treadmill at least three times, hitting a poor old lady in the foot once. It is quite amusing to watch all that goes on at the gym when I am not wrapped up in my own brain with music blaring out my ear drums.

When I wasn’t scanning the room behind me via the huge wall of mirrors in front of me I was watching my stride and my leg action. I sometimes get dizzy watching myself run, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…over and over again. It is almost hypnotizing. But today I noticed what the dude at the running store pointed out, my right foot pronates but corrects itself before it comes back down to strike the ground. So it would kind of come up and kick out to the outside then correct and straighten out and hit the ground in a neutral position. I watched this for quite some time and compared it to my seemingly normal gate of the left foot. Normal except for the fact that it looks like my left leg could come unattached at any moment and fall to the floor like an unfortunate Barbie leg. So my left hip looks strange when I run and I can’t quite explain it. I was told about a year ago that I have pretty weak muscles in my hips and I need to strengthen them, which I have tried to do. But to put it simply, it hurt me watch myself run. That can’t be a good sign. I think I will stick with the treadmill in the back of the room so I can’t watch myself. At least that way I won’t know how bad it is.

Today I am grateful for:
A delicious dinner made by me. :)
A quiet evening.
Spiderman Band-Aids
Cool presents from foreign countries.


  1. You'd think she'd figure out how to keep the I pod from falling? Super fit chick! Funny stuff!
    Keep running!

  2. You know you come by some of that weird gate naturally....think of Grandma's right foot out and leaning forward posture.

  3. That skinny non-working out girl must not eat. LOL! (I'll take food over too skinny any day of the week!)

    Do those strengthening exercises! Morgan (Redhead Running) has to do them too.

  4. What a good idea to run in front of a mirror. If only I could see only the bottom 1/2 of my body :)

    And I thank goodness for Spiderman bandaids every day...have you checked your local dollar store? Ours has a TON of character bandaids.

  5. "left leg could come unattached at any moment" totally confirms my theory, you are Barbie..

    I HATE watching myself run... LIfting I can do, I enjoy watching myself do bicep curls....LOL it is the only time my muscles look flexed...but running nah.

    I wonder why the lady did not find a better way to use her Ipod.. and I REALLY wonder how the fit girl got fit...your mission is to infiltrate said girl and learn her secrets..

  6. Oh! I know what you mean. The whole line of treadmills at the gym at work are directly in front of the mirror! I never know where to look! I feel so vain looking myself in the eye, saying "go go go go!"

    I just discovered (well, a massage therapist did) that I land harder on my left side than I do on my right side....and I OBSESS over this when watching myself run in the mirror.

    I think tomorrow's run will be outside. :)

    Love the blog!!


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