Friday, September 25, 2009


Lately I have been so hungry! I know it is the running and the increased weight lifting but I just feel SO hungry all the time. And suprisingly, it is my rest days that are the hardest and I feel the most hungry. What is up with that!? I am trying to eat things that are good for me. My sugar challenge kind of fell off the cliff BUT I am super proud to admit that I am doing so much better and unofficially I have been cutting back on sweets. Just this week my husband was surprised that there was some Tuberlone that has been in the cabinet for about 3 or 4 weeks, I haven't eaten it. There is ice cream in the freezer left over from my son's birthday party (in early August). Now I am not saying that I don't eat anything with sugar or chocolate, that would be a lie. Simply I have cut back and it is getting easier. The challenge is finding snacks that make me feel full and are good for me but not gross.

What are some things you do when you are starving througout the day?

Today I am grateful for:
Toothpaste (hey it is the simple things in life, right?)
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Run Happy Peeps!!


  1. Whole Wheat Gold fish! Drink more water. Eat a little something every two hours no matter what. Yogurt when I'm craving sweets, topped with granola. Apple's.

  2. 100 calories snacks, Water and fizzy flavored water drinks. Celery and other fruits and veggies. I am ALWAYS hungry... And the candy bowl in my office are not helping me keep the weight OFF. Thank goodness I will be in 1/2 training mode...

  3. Hey great name...seriously amanda's rock.

    Anywho I am actual more hungry from lifting weights than I ever am from running. I often am not as hungry after an intense run so I think the next day that catches up and my body wants food!!

    On those I cannot fill up days, I try a few things...gum, tea, water, distractions...then I move on to rice cakes, fruit, nuts and a little bit of indulgence if I think hey that's going to put an end to this!

  4. It depends on the day :) sometime I give in and eat something that's not healthy but other days I eat some fruit or nothing.

    I've got lots of icecream in my freezer but that's for my hub. One of the things I can leave where it is is icecream. But put a piece of chocolate infront of my nose and it's a lot more difficult to resist :)

  5. WHAT?!?!? I thought we were still doing the no-sweets thing! I've been off of them for like 6 weeks now! I've only broken down 2x, or maybe 3! So much for solidarity! I needed to do it anyway. I guess that just goes to show that I should call you more often.

    Since I started this, supposedly with my sister, I've been eating a spoonful of peanut butter (some sugar but not as much as whatever snack the kids are eating that I want), yogurt, and most recently, Kashi Go Lean cereal. Its great!

    I'm going to stick with the no-sweets diet. I do have to wear a swimsuit in just a month when we go to Mexico.

  6. I'm big on fig newtons. Good carbs and I like 'em.

  7. I love the name of your blog, it's what caught my eye. How did you get into running? I feel so good when I do it but just getting out the door is hard. I really need to get going again.

  8. It is a challenge finding healthy options some times. I eat bulgar as a late afternoon snack every day. It really helps get me till dinner and it's so good for us.

  9. dang, I hate to say something nice about Morgan (Jen), but she hit it right on. Once I get up to speed, I am better off eating about five times a day (smaller meals) than three squares. It's usually dinner that kills me because I am so hungry at the end of the day.


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