Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Run in the Mist...

not to be confused with We Run in the Sun. Hello September. I have been expecting you.

Today I hit the road with AN the RB (thank God!) for an easy 4 miles. (I am over half way to meeting my 30 mile challenge!) I dropped my little buddy off at preschool and headed to the YMCA for the amazing route AN the RB has ran a few times, easy and all downhill. Ahem…how can it be all downhill if it is a loop starting and stopping at the same place you ask? Well, I don’t think it is possible. It was not all downhill (sorry to ruin the route for you AN the RB but it had some hillage sista). Either way, I need the hill work and it was nothing compared to yesterdays run up 36th street. It was a good route and we will definitely be hitting it up again!

Some highlights from the run:

-The blackberry bush that got it’s thorns tangled in my hair and almost ripped my head off.
-The very strange old man on a reclining tricycle, on the sidewalk, wearing the craziest helmet and creepiest smile I have ever seen.
-AN the RB trying to convince me to run the Super Jock n Jill Half Marathon on Monday (probably will…) because her “boy friend” will only run if I do (what in the world? No pressure now!!!!)
-The discussion about my legs looking out of proportion (and tree stumpish) with my upper body and how boob implants could even that out. Or I should just not lift weights so much with my legs. Tough choice here…
-The three women who looked as if they were beauty jogging: makeup, fresh faces, great hair, no sweat, and doing what we used to refer as the Air Force Shuffle (i.e. not really running at all). We could have SO taken them.
-My mini mental breakdown when I had to walk for about 20 seconds to take off my sweat shirt (who am I kidding, I was tired).
-The awesome running weather, light mist and around 59 degrees! The best running weather EVER!

And now, 10 things you use your palm for and probably never even realized (if you wonder why my palm hurts click HERE):

-washing your hair
-crushing garlic
-washing your face with face scrub
-shaving your legs
-getting out of a swimming pool
-holding your child’s hand
-lifting weights
-closing the drinky thing on a water bottle

My palm is still bruised and hurts pretty bad but the wound is healing slowly. I hope to maybe hit up yoga on Thursday! I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Today I am grateful for:
-A good 4 mile run with AN the RB.
-Less leg pain than was anticipated after yesterday's run.
-The hubs should hopefully be home tomorrow night!!
-My new Wok that will make for some yummy meals!

Ok every one, run happy!!!!


  1. OK I usually get taken out by low hanging branches or pine trees.. That list is TOO FUNNY.. No pressure to run the half, WOW!! I am STILL debating which race(s) I want to do next.

    Welcome home hubby!

  2. I am not understanding blackberry bush in hair. Did the bush attack you? Will you be on an upcoming episode of "When Nature Attacks?

  3. I had the same problem when a rose bush attacked me, damn those attacking bushes!!
    Gotta love a group of beauty "runners", I sweat like a hog and not a lick of makeup on a run!! And finally, lessen the weights on the legs and no boob implants - go natural baby!!
    Hope you hit 30 and hubby gets home soon!!

  4. Funny! Air Force shuffle! Now the beautiful people are running! What next! Take 'em next time!

  5. First, don't get a boob job. You'll be much better off without it.

    Second, do you use your iPhone when you're jogging? Do you use any of the Apps that follow your route or keep track of your mileage? That could be an excellent blog.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out. Couple things though...
    1. I have no recollection of this thorn bush ambush incident. Where the eff was I???
    2. I'm still have creepy images of that creepy man and the creepy woman who appeared as if from no where behind us.
    3. No need for the " " around boyfriend...he is not even that!
    4. Boob implants are great and nose jobs are better.
    5. The god-damn beauty joggers make me actually want to be a beauty jogger...sad.
    6. The weather could not have been better.
    7. I just mapped a 9.5 miler that I'm about to attempt.
    8. The weather is not as perfect today.
    9. I need one more item for my AMazing list.
    10. You're AMazing and J better hurry it up.

  7. I love the way you describe your runs! I don't pass many people on my runs so that's kind of boring.

    Don't let the boyfriend pressure you to do that marathon :lol:

    Great that your husband is coming home tomorrow!

  8. The beauty joggers always make me do a double take, especially at races. I loved all your highlights!

    And thanks for sending me luck on my 20 miler! I needed it!! And thank you for your concern about my little one. She is doing much better!!

  9. Amanda, you crack me up!!! I am thankful I am NOT a beauty jogger!! Hope your palm feels better!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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