Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Kicks!

I got some new kicks today!!! Here they are...

I tried on about 4 different shoes and this was the only shoe that really felt good. It is hard to tell in the store but I took a jog around inside and down the corridor to see how they felt. I had no heel pain and no shin pain (which I have been noticing a little bit lately). When I tried on a new pair of my old style (the shoe below) I had pain in my heel and a tiny inkling of pain in my shin. I think it is so strange how much difference a good shoe can make.

These are my old shoes. They actually don't look half bad. It is silly but I really try to keep my shoes looking clean. I know I have washed these a couple of times but still...they have lost their mojo and it is time for some new ones. The aches and pains are a tell tale sign that the shoe is beginning to break down, plus I am not in LOVE with the shoe. It was time to move on. I quit while the quitting was good.

So here are my last three pairs of shoes:
Brooks on the right, Adidas back middle, and the new KICKS, Saucony! I have had this brand before but don't really remember how they treated me. We will see! And if they are not perfect I will keep searching for that shoe that will make me run like the wind, lead me to VICTORY! Give me that sub 2 hour half! And carry me weightlessly to the marathon finish! Has anyone found that shoe yet?

Today I am grateful:
For the weekend with my fam!
My new kicks!
A quiet evening!
That The Hubs is home for a few extra days!!
Run Happy Everyone!

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  1. COOL shoes, they would go with my new outfit...or your new outfit if you hit the Supermall sports Authority in Auburn..

    Hope the shoes treat you right.. Gosh hubs is leaving again...

  2. I've never had Saucony. I always go with Adidas. I love them.

    Your new ones look great!

  3. Love your new shoes. They look a lot like mine. I've got Brooks too and they are also white and orange. Have lots great miles with them!


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