Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Strangest Running Injury to Date...

I took Tuesday off as a rest day. I was super sore after Monday’s race. I am sure it had everything to do with not warming up properly then not stretching or cooling down properly afterwards followed by an hour car ride. Needless to say my calves are just today not-so-sore. My feet have been pretty sore too. That is a first for me. If you remember my Ode To My Feet I mentioned that they never get sore (I completely jinxed myself with that post). I think it is time for new shoes. My husband was quick to remind me that with the miles I put in I would need new shoes about every 2 months. I think it is more like every 10 weeks or so IF I run 30 mile weeks (which I do not consistently do). But nonetheless I do believe it is time for new shoes.

BUT the strangest running injury to date has nothing to do with calves or feet. It is a mole. That is right. A mole. I told you it was strange. Tuesday evening I was getting ready for a bed when I felt something irritated on my back. Thankfully The Hubs is home so he checked it out for me. It was a mole, or it used to be a mole. Ick. My bra had literally rubbed it nearly away! Ugh. I can’t handle that. It was just icky. So Wednesday morning I promptly made a Dr. apt to get it checked out. I spend too much time in the sun to not worry about a creepy mole.

I went to my Dr. appointment Wednesday afternoon and had to fill out a questionnaire mostly about feelings of depression or wanting to hurt myself, loss of interest in things I used to love (military health care here people…they have to check). All was good until I got to the question asking, “Have you fallen in the last three months?” Are you kidding me? Do I HAVE to answer this? Really do I need to be any more humiliated? Fine. YES. The nurse had a good time with that when I explained how I ate pavement just about 2.5 weeks ago.

Anyway, back to the moley. The Dr. examined it. Then mentioned a mark across my back that looked like something had been rubbing it. I mentioned it could have been my sports bra, he said No. Could it have been my heart rate monitor? No. Whatever, I am 99.99% sure it was my bra, this Dr. doesn’t quite understand 13.1 miles in rain with no Body Glide. I forgive him, I know what caused it. The mole is going to be ok but I am having a different one taken off today. Gross. TMI? I kind of wish they would take the irritated one off too but he said it looked fine, I have no idea how it LOOKED FINE, it was practically rubbed off. But that is my story of the strangest running injury ever.

So this week I have to get new running shoes and a new sports bra. Shopping!

Today I am Grateful for:
Removing a mole.
My legs and that they are feeling rested and back to normal.
My new retainer.
Lunch and leftover Pesto Pasta and Chicken!
a chance to win a super cute piece of Jewelry from Lift Your Soul! Check out Mel's giveaway by clicking HERE!
Run Happy!


  1. Good luck with the new shoes, as you may know from my recent blog posts, I can be of no help to you in that area!! Ha ha!

    I have 3 new pair coming in tha mail tomorrow, hoping just one will work, if not that will be 9 pairs and counting.....ughhhh

    Have a super running weekend!!!!

  2. good for you for keeping an eye on those moles!! I believe I need some new shoes too...

  3. So I'm guessing this is the procedure you referred to on the other internet site? I'm glad, because I was worried about a boob job.

  4. It sounds like you're on top of things and that's always good when it comes to health issues


You're pretty much awesome!!


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