Monday, September 7, 2009

Today's Half Marathon!

What better way begin training for a half than to run a half?

Last night at around 8:30 I made the decision to do the Super Jock n Jill race (I had been on the fence about this one for quite some time). I was still undecided as to whether I would do the 4.2 mile run or the half marathon. I decided I would decide when I got there for the day of race registration. Not many races offer the race day registration. So I woke up this morning feeling good and lI actually felt ike running the half. I got dressed and ate my toast and apple and updated my facebook status to say something about running a half marathon today (locked into it now for sure!). We hit the road at 7 AM, the whole fam and my friend Jess. As we drove the rain seemed to come down harder and my idea of a half marathon was quickly changing to thoughts about the 4.2 mile run. I could be done in 35 min! That was starting to sound pretty good!

When we got to the race start I headed to the registration table. I had my check ready and was happy to find that they had run out of race shirts so I could actually do the 4.2 mile race (which I had changed my mind and decided to do) for $20 OR the half for $25!!! WHAT?!? A half marathon for 25 BUCKS? I am SO in! Ugh, changed my mind for the last time, wrote out my $25 check and pinned on my bib. Done. Half Marathon it will be.

Here is me ready to start. It was about 58 degrees with a slight rain, not a deluge thank goodness!!

Here is me, Jess, and my little buddy after the race. I didn't have the energy to lift him up.

There were no action shots taken but here is another one of me after the race. Still smiling, that is a good sign. Although the smile looks a little forced. :)

You will have check back for a full race report later!
Today I am grateful for:
a good run for $25!
spending time with my family and actually having The Hubs there to cheer me on!
spending the rest of the day lazy and relaxing!
Pizza for dinner!!!!!!
Run Happy!

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  1. You are much braver than me!!! Great job running the half, I can't believe you didn't decide until you got there!!!! I don't think I could ever do that, I am such a planner!!!

  2. $25??? I totally would've done it too! Look at Hardcore You! That's awesome!! Can't wait til the Race Report!

  3. You look in shape enough to do it. Go and good luck.

  4. Way to build the suspense!! So fun.. I love local cheap races. Facebook huh? Would it be weird if I hunted you down.

    Hugs and congrats! FYI love your outfit, perfect for this little bit of FALL weather we are having.

  5. Showing up and THEN deciding on a 1/2. Wow! That's awesome! You look great! (I'm envious of the cooler weather, too - still blazing here in Orlando.) Congrats on your race, and finding a "cheap" 1/2.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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