Friday, July 22, 2011

True Story...

I'm too lazy to do a blog post.

So I'm not gonna....

And you can't make me....

Don't even try.

I will rebel and stand strong.

But tomorrow The Hubs and LB are headed to CA for a week, then The Hubs is headed to summit Mt. Rainier while LB stays in CA with the "City Grandparents". Do the math...TWO WEEKS alone. Two weeks with only me and Lazy Dog. This means I'm headed to pool and gym every night after work! Oh shoooooot! Is this turning into a blog post? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow evening when I am all lonely and bored. I promise you will hear from me...


  1. Hee hee. Crazy! I'll be going up to Camp Muir on Rainier next Saturday! When is your Hubs summitting?

  2. Just can't comment. Not gonna do it. Can't make me...


You're pretty much awesome!!


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