Saturday, July 23, 2011

Greetings Earthlings....

From the stinking Sun.

Oh wait, the sun probably doesn't have 157% humidity like we have here. Heat indexes have been well over 100 every day this week. I'm talking like 111, 112. That is like melt-your-face hot. But the stupid thing is that it is actually like 98, 99 degrees but with the humidity it officially feels hotter. Around here it's referred to as Wet Bulb. It's super dangerous because you dehydrate and turn into a raisin or something. Maybe you just keel over and melt into the ground before anyone even knows what happened to you. As a matter of fact I saw this yesterday: Awful isn't it?


Well I am officially flying solo for 16 days. The Hubs and LB are off on a grand adventure....

What the heck am I supposed to do for 16 days? I have a nice idea but if it really turns out I'll be surpassed. As of now I plan to wake up in the AM and be out the door running by 5:50 or 6. So much less time is required when I don't have to get LB ready and out the door too. Then to work as usual, head home for a quick minute to let Lazy Dog out (lucky Lazy gets to chill in the AC these days), then head to the pool! I am pumped to get in at least three swims this week! I need to in a serious way since I have my next tri coming up on Saturday! I also have the option of swimming in the morning before work! That would be double-decker-awesome! But lets be honest here, I like my sleep BUT on the flip side I can be in bed by 8:30 PM! Now that is triple-double-decker-aweosme!

I mentioned my next sprint tri is on Saturday. I decided to bite the bullet and finally get me a real, live, big-girl tri racing suit! I ordered it from my *AHEM* (check them out HERE). They have a lot of great gear and some of it is on sale! Score! So if you are in the market, considering coming to the Dark Side (not naming any names here Marlene or TMB) go ahead and check it out! I had hard time picking out what I wanted and before I knew it my Shopping Cart was up to like $600. Uh, nope. Unless that suit will swim for me, bike for me, and has an AC installed I don't think so....(then there is always the awesome possibility of some co. sending me a totally amazing suit to try and review here on my blog).

I finally settled on these pieces: think those are sewn in abs? I sure hope so...

screen-capture-3.png screen-capture-4.png

But I may try these, because well, you know I think they are totally fast looking! And all red/black and some grey to match Nelly C.I.R.N. What do you think???

screen-capture-5.png screen-capture-8.png

Pretty sweet, huh? Yeah. I'm kinda getting big time. Not bragging or anything....Ok in my dreams guys, come on. Don't boo me off stage.

I asked The Hubs yesterday if he would give me ONE YEAR, just one year with a real coach, to try to do amazing things and become a pro. Tri as my J.O.B. He didn't shoot it down immediately. "So you're telling me there's a chance!" He did say there was a few things that would need to be in place first, and I can respect we will see.

Anyways, back to my awesome new race gear, we'll see how the gear measures up to the ole polyester speedo. I haven't tried them on, of course. So hopefully they get here before Friday and I can try them on and hopefully they fit. I'm not worried about the Never Race in Something New rule. A sprint tri is pretty short and I'll just take a bath in Chamois Butter or whatever it is called. I think I'll live...Now if they don't arrive by Friday then I may not live. I may throw a fit (ok not really. I'll just have to find another tri to do the next weekend so I can wear new know, like wearing new clothes to school or a date, you gotta do it!).

Well off to figure out something to do with my evening. I wish I was't too lazy to take myself out for a movie. But I'm sure I'll end up Netflixing something and falling asleep. I'm a rock star like that!!

Happy Saturday! I hope those of you who raced had a great showing!! I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs! I'll certainly be doing that tonight.


  1. Ugh that sun, I live in Texas and we have been going through this drought. I swear even time I step out the door I feel like I am going to melt, it makes outdoor exercising very difficult.

  2. The weather in KC has been almost identical. Actual temps about 99-102 with heat index of around 110-115. It's crazy. It was 85 degrees this am at 5 am when I got up to run. Ugh....

    You will love the tri gear! My next Sprint Tri is Sat too!

  3. I was going to ask if the abs came with the suit! It has been hot here but your temps take the cake! The humidity is killer!

    16 days alone! Wow! Sounds like you have a great plan set out!

  4. HAHAHA! on my 10 mile run yesterday with the group we passed about 15 others running, one person was this woman who was only running in a jog bra with 2 guys and she had amazing 6 pack abs. I think I was almost staring too long wishing they were mine!! HAHAHAHA! :)

  5. Slimming, trimming and sewn in abs - exactly what I need.

  6. So jealous of your alone time. I've been stalking (yay for sponsors), but I can't decide what to get.

  7. I have a zoot top very similar to those and did not disappoint for my 70.3!

    You will love either purchase.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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