Tuesday, July 19, 2011


...where is my good, positive mood from yesterday?

I have no idea!

This AM I was unable to get up for an early run since The Hubs had to leave for work at 5:30. Ugh....I wanted to go with him since he was leading PT and going for a 6 mile run leading PT. But I couldn't. So I slept until 6:30. And then there is tomorrow. I was hoping to maybe do a Mon/Wed/Fri early AM run schedule but again The Hubs has to leave for work by 6. Maybe I can get it done before that. Maybe. I think there just isn't enough time in the day.

Today I am feeling defeated and challenged. I am starting to feel like no one else in the world has as many obstacles and issues getting their workouts in. But I know it's irrational and selfish for me to think that way. I know we all have roadblocks and obstacles that get in our way. But seriously...I have a lot of challenges. Ok, ok...I know you do too. Enough whining and complaining. Let's try this again....

Nope. Still cranky and Negative Nancy. Must be due to NOT getting my sweat on today.

LB's Mean Mug face....
June 2011 023.JPG

Tell me something funny. Something happy and encouraging....Maybe when my alarm goes off in the AM I'll read your comments and be motivated to get out the door!


  1. Laugh when you can,
    apologize when you should,
    and let go of what you can't change.
    Life's too short to be anything... but happy.

  2. It's worth waking up early to run so you can justify a pack of Hostess donuts.

    (Okay, that's the motivation I always use.)

  3. I ran during my kids soccer camp today. I ate 4 donut holes. I played pictionary with my boys tonight and um, well, let's just say there should be a warning sign on the box. My kids are crude, but man did we laugh! Hope at least one of those brought a smile to your face.

  4. If you're not sure how to go forward, maybe you can take a walk down memory lane and see how far you've come.
    Go back and re-read some of your past entries and remember how you've ALWAYS made it work. You've ALWAYS figured it out. You've ALWAYS proven to yourself how strong, dedicated and determined you are.

    You may have some doubts, but for the rest of us readers...we know you're pretty much awesome.

    This too shall pass and YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  5. FYI-I ran 1.1 miles tonight. Without puking. You can do it!

  6. At least your obstacles are legit. I create my own with ridiculous "fatty" sabotage.

  7. Not sure if you read my race report but there was a Tall woman with a white shirt which read

    "Race to End Slavery in Spokane"

    hmmmmm...I lived in Spokane and never noticed Slavery as a big issue?! Am I missing something..

    Ayhow that is all I have. This week is crap for me too...lots of things during lunch and after work, I NEED to get up early tomorrow to run but I really really dont want to. I hope we both figure it out.


  8. I keep saying to people who say how determined I am, blah blah blah ... if I'd tried to do this when my kids were little I don't think I could have. I guess what I'm saying is I hear you, AND it does get better ... just fit in what you can, when you can and celebrate those accomplishments, forget the crap parts ;)

  9. I have a hard time finding time as well, and getting the motivation to get out of bed, and I don't have a kiddo...I'll email you and we'll get on a text schedule to get up early. No snooze allowed.
    Does LB have a scrape on his face?

  10. I hear you...there have been many days recently that I've felt pretty down and negative.

    I agree with one of the other posts - even a quick run will justify a treat for me!

    Here's a stupid joke for you:
    What do you call a fly with no wings?

    Wait for it.

    A WALK!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (if that didn't make you laugh, then I'm not sure what will - hehe!)

  11. I saw a great quote recently so that's what I'm going to share:

    Swim like you don't have to bike,
    Bike like you don't have to run,
    And run like you didn't do either!

  12. Man, sorry you're going through this rough patch. I did my sprint on sunday--took a lot longer than yours i think :P I can't really help out on the scheduling thing but I bet something will shift soon. That's usually what happens for me; i think my schedule is so absolutely packed that i'm going to scream and then something suddenly changes and I can move things around.

    btw, the weather around here sucks. It feels like march.

  13. Ugh, I have nothing fun to help you get up. All I have is the fact that 'Banana Phone' has been stuck in my head for over 12 hours. And it's still making me HAPPY.

  14. I bet you have sun...and we don't.

  15. Hmm something funny... I can't really think of anything funny, but your kiddo sure is cute, even with a mean face!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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