Sunday, July 17, 2011


Maybe I know what half the problem is these days.....I am seemingly running aimlessly. I have no plan really. I am just running around with no direction. I need a plan. Pronto.

I mentioned waiting for a book to arrive that has a plan I want to look over. It still isn't here. Grrr....I got a lot of great suggestions form you all yesterday as far as plans go. The one I am really interested (if the one I am waiting for doesn't seem like a winner) in is the Run Less, Run Faster plan but that poses the same problem, I have to order it...and read a book about it, I think??? Can you say PROCRASTINATOR? I should have planned this out a while ago but I guess I was counting on using Hal's trusty ole plan. But the Run Less, Run Faster plan seems great since I have limited time now-a-days. Any of you who have used this, is there just a straight up plan that I can find or do I need to get the book and read it? I don't mind reading it but I am on borrowed time here....17 weeks until OBX and I feel like I need 57 weeks.

On the note of needing a 57 week training plan....What the heck is going on? I feel so frumpy and slow. I just cant seem to figure it out. I used to feel light on my feet but now I feel like a stinking two ton wrecking ball trying to run up a tiny mole hill. It's not pretty and it's not good. I am WAY off track. This is worse than a rut it's like I have tumbled down the Grand Stinking Canyon. It may be that I am getting about half an hour of cardio in 3 or 4 times a week instead of my usual 2 hours at 6 or 7 times a week. Ya think? Good news is I'll be hitting up the pool for a 4,000 meter swim this afternoon then yoga with J-Ninja this evening. That should be, uh...interesting.

How was your weekend? Anything amazing going on? Lots of races this weekend! I can't wait to hear how every one did!!
And because no post of mine is truly complete without a picture, I leave you with this photo from The Public Market or Pikes Place Market in Seattle....


Isn't that just yummy looking? Ah man I wish we had a market around here. I miss going to the Farmer's Market on the weekend to get fresh local fruits and veggies. Such a treat! and speaking of the Farmer's Market, my sister and her family helped my parents sell their first crop of grapes at their local market! How fun is that? Here is a picture of my parent's vineyard from when I was there in June:

June 2011 030.JPG


  1. Just google run less run faster training program and you should come up with the basics. The paces depend on your current 5km time and you just kinda go from there. It breaks it down into 400m, 800m, etc repeat paces as well as short tempo, mid tempo and long tempo runs as well as what your long run paces should be.

  2. That farmers market looks AMAZING. You just reminded me that I have a fresh fruit salad in my fridge and I think I will go grab some!!! My wknd was fun... I haad my brother-in-law's surprise 30th birthday party last night and it was great!!

  3. I will mail you my copy of RLRF tomorrow. You can private email me your address. (Don't worry, I swear I'm not a nut!) I personally didn't like that book because it might be run less (days) but the mileage on those days was double, even triple what I would normally do and for me, that just didn't work.
    The other thing I realized during my last training cycle is that I burned myself out a little. I made the point of just "enjoying" going out for a run and not feeling so pressured. Now, two months later, I feel a little rejuvinated and ready to look for a new goal. For so long, training felt like a full time job. I think of it like child birth....
    Well, just let me know if you want the book...I'll mail it out.

  4. love the photos..i did sprint tri this weekend and my first olympic is this coming weekend....nervous

  5. Check this out:

    It's RLRF 1st marathon plan, but basically this shows the concept. I hope this helps.

  6. I have read half of RLRF book, trying to finish it up too. I like the concept behind it. You could probably be ok getting the book and skimming thru it to get the basics of it. It is actually a quick read. I got thru half in 2 days and then just stopped reading it. Need to finish it this week tho.

  7. I tried the RLRF plan and while I think it did increase my speed somewhat, I didn't care that much for it, mostly because each run was intense and I missed just going out and running for the pure love of running. But in terms of training for a particular race, it's not a bad way to go if you're short on time.

  8. Ive done the RLRF program twice now for my Halfs with no book. I plan on using it for my first full starting in september, I may get the book for that. I don't think you really HAVE to have the book to do the program!

  9. We all get into a rut. I always use the plan my super marathoner friend gave me when I get into a rut: 2 easy runs per week, one medium run and one long run. If I am training for a tri the 2 easy runs happen in a brick format.

    Veggies/fruit look amaziing!

  10. All of that fruit looks SO yummy!

  11. I blame summer. It makes me feel heavy, slow AND aimless. GAH

  12. I have a copy of that book if you want it...
    I tried to read it and apply it to MY running but I am just not geared that way. I use some of the concepts but I just wanna run and have fun and if I get fast fine. I'm happy to pass it along though it may have some markings or highlighted areas inside.


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