Monday, July 25, 2011

The Lonely Post...

Going on 48 hours now that my boys have been on the West coast. It sure is quite! And lonely...and boring....and easy. But I prefer having my boys here, as chaotic and hectic as it can be. I just don't feel right being here, in NC, without them. The Hubs sent me a few pictures of their fun thus far:

Looks like someone got himself a skate board. Oh boy...well maybe if he gets good he can skate next to me while I run:


Levi skating.JPG

And I'm guessing he likes wearing the helmet...


Today, I drove home in a torrential downpour. A deluge of water coming at me. I could hardly see. Then as soon as I hit my street it was dry. Not a drop of water fell on my neighborhood, until about 20 minutes ago. It was weird. But as I pulled into my drive I saw something sticking out of my mail box! Thank goodness it didn't rain here since it was the Run Less, Run Faster book sent to me by Michelle!! THANK YOU!!! I am pretty stoked to look it over. I'm thinking the philosophy behind it is pretty close to what my plan from The 4-Hour Body. Running less and running faster...theres only one way to do it, fast and short.


Sunday after I swam 2,500 meters with Sarah I stopped at the PX (in other words the tax free store on the Army post) and found a Kettle Bell. My plan is to use it. Duh...ok, use it for working out and not as a door holder, paper weight or book end. Last night I did 50 Kettle Bell swings and all I can say is YEEEEOWE!!!!

Anything knew with you? Have you ever had extended periods of time when you were home alone sans kids and sans spouse? I've been without The Hubs many times, but without LB is just plain weird. I guess I could get used to it though...maybe.


  1. That must be weird being alone without your husband there AND your kid there. I'm used to my husband gone because of the Army but it still blows.

  2. My girl leaves me alone for Cedar Point once a year, and that never ends well. She left me alone two weeks ago on the weekend of my Belle Isle race, and the food carnage that Friday night before was awful.

    I can't be trusted on my own...

  3. I have been alone a few times. It is nice at first then I get lonesome. The peace and quiet to just do what i want is soo nice. And the house staying clean. :)

    Yay for your book not getting wet!

  4. Let me know what you think of that book. I've heard so many things and I want your opinion!! So far I don't have kids but the only time I'm sans spouse is when I go see my family! After about a day I don't like it.

  5. My advise is to ENJOY IT!! Go shopping, rent a girly movie, go out with friends, write, read, run, swim... Yes it is lonely but you can make the most of it..

    Let me know what you think about Run Less Run Faster.. I NEED to run less :)

  6. Being home alone is so weird - and I don't even have kids! Hubs has gone away for business a few times for up to 7 weeks and I enjoy it for a bit but then I don't know what to do with myself!

  7. Enjoy your down time! And, read that book! I think RLRF will really work for your new busy schedule!!

  8. I know exactly how you feel. I just got through having 2 days to myself without kiddos or husband!! Lets just say I didn't even know what to do. I was so bored and lonely too. I agree, I would rather have to chaos too!!


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