Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swim Across the Lake!

Whose idea was that???

So the weekend of camping was fun. Hot, but fun. I had forgotten what it was like to be dirty 24 hours a day. At least the camp site had running water to include a shower (score!!) and flushing toilets. Hardly roughing-it camping, I know. Nothing like backpacking miles up into the mountains with nothing but what is on your back. I enjoy that kind of camping for sure but car camping is fun too. It was great to hang out with good friends and just relax, as best you can with bees, bugs, dirt, and hotness surrounding you. LB had a blast and if the level and degree of dirtiness was a measuring tool he was OFF THE CHARTS, despite getting stung by two yellow jackets, one on the thigh and one on his poor lip. A wasp was chilling in his drink and he nearly drank the stupid thing but it decided to sting him first. He was a trooper and only cried a little bit.

Here is LB cutting down a tree, or something. Oh yes, and notice the Mohawk? Yes. I came home Friday from my first day of work to find my son's head in this state...summer=Mohawk around here I guess...


It was so hot during the afternoon that we drug some stuff down by the lake to take a nap by the water in the shade. LB, Lazy Dog and I crashed under the trees while The Hubs went for a bike ride.


There was fun to be had in the lake, of course. The Hubs drug our (sleeping) air mattress down to the water since we didn't have a boat (note for next year: get a boat). They decided it would be fun to row that thing all over the lake. Good news is they didn't get hit by any speed boats. Bad news is they looked totally ridiculous out in the middle of the lake on a sleeping air mattress...


LB had a blast! We threw the life jacket on him and he swam around like a champ. Lazy Dog got some quality swim time too!


Sunday afternoon we decided to do a real swim. The Hubs, J-Ninja's Hubster and I wanted to swim across the lake. Our other friend had a kayak so he volunteered to "ferry" us across the lake, right through the speed boat/jet ski/water skiing/enter tubing path. Pretty sure this is not allowed and frowned upon but we needed to train, or so The Hubs said. We picked a spot across the lake, not really sure how far it would be. We set out to swim across. We stayed together for the most part, for the sake of safety. Once we reached the other side the consensus was that is was probably 800 yds, at least. The guys were resting and I wanted to head back, swimming a little faster this time. Our Kayaking friend agreed to ferry me across solo and return for The Hubs and J-Ninja's Hubster. I was across in less than 15 min. I had to fight some killer speed boat wakes but overall it was an excellent swim in the open water.

We just hung out most of the time. LB grabbed my camera at one point and this is what he got for me..Mmm....hot dogs and Dorritos.



Sunday night I caught the sunset over the lake. It was pretty beautiful...


So it was a fun-filled weekend with little training. But I think next time we will head back to the beach house!

I need to get back on track. I have had a lot of things come up over the past few weeks and I can feel myself moving away from the level of fitness I was and would like to be at. With my new job things are still crazy and my schedule is all over the place. This morning was the first of my Early AM runs. It was awful. Not good. I was tired and grumpy. I didn't even put in my contacts. I ran blind. It was hot and early and I was hungry. I also didn't wake up early enough to give me enough time. I only had time for 3 miles. So it will take a lot of getting used to but it is my only option. Racing may go by the way-side for a while, while I get situation and get my schedule ironed out. But I will get it! I HAVE to. The good news is that I like my job so far...

Ok, sorry if I bored you with my camping weekend! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!



  1. You're going to find a balance and routine that works for you. Give it time and don't be hard on yourself. Remember to keep a balance....a REASONABLE balance! Love the camping!

  2. love the mohawk! looks like a fun weekend, and looks like ya'll wore lazy dog out!

  3. Camping rocks! Looked like it was very relaxing :)

  4. Your weekend sounds so fun! We went camping too and I wish we had running water and bathrooms. We only stayed one night though.
    The mohawk looks awesome!

    You will find the balance once everything settles down and you can find a routine :)

  5. I did a swim across the lake this weekend too! I love swimming in lakes, it's so much nicer than doing laps at a pool. This is why I slack of swimming during the week in the summer...because I know I'll be at my lake house on the weekends and get to swim in the lake. So spoiled!

  6. the floating mattress is too funny!! Give yourself some time and a break! you will certainly find a balance!

  7. Loved the Mohawk!

    Made me want to go camping really bad.

  8. Poor guy with the stings! We took our fam camping last week and I managed to step on a bumblebee...I didn't cry but that's only b/c i gave myself a good talking to. (I did apparently have a fun allergic reaction and my whole foot swelled up, making walking awkward and painful.) As a kid I got stung on the lip when a bee got in my drink so now i get those lids that go on your cola can to keep bugs out -- they're wonderful!

  9. Stings on the lip=scary!! Glad LB is ok! Way to swim across the lake! I won't do that without a wetsuit...maybe next year. I don't blame you for being grumpy about your morning run; i'd be miserable too. Hope you figure out a schedule that works soon!

  10. I love the mohawk. LB and I can be twinsies now.

    P.S. I don't like to swim in lakes. Lake monsters scare me.

  11. Getting adjusted to a new schedule is hard. It will happen!

    heading to lake this weekend!

  12. LOVE the hair! Looks awesome!! Glad you had fun camping! I've never been but really want to go!

  13. My husband and I are dying to go camping soon, but we keep saying we have no time. Your post gives me motivation to find time!

  14. The mohawk is AWESOME!!! Glad you had a great camping trip. I hope to go soon =)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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