Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here's the Deal Pickle....

I'm tired and I want to watch a movie then go to bed then wake up (thanks to my Wake-Up-and-Go-Run-Texting-Buddy, CQL- at Livin' A Little Life). We have begun our Tue/Wed/Thur 5:15 AM texting routine to hold each other accountable for our morning runs....Um, however, I cannot tell a lie: This AM I texted her at 5:20 AM but I didn't actually get up. FAIL. But in my defense....NO! There is no defense! FAIL. No really, I was so sore....SO WHAT! FAIL. Oh no, now the voices are typing on my blog...

Tonight I did do a short Kettle Bell workout on the porch. I hope I am not too sore for my run that WILL take place in the morning. I really do plan on getting up for my run. Today I was still so sore from 50 Kettle Bell swings I did on Sunday I could hardly sit down, or stand up for that matter. I figured I should play it safe with a race coming up this weekend. I don't want to be too sore come Saturday AM. Speaking of my tri, I got the shipment confirmation for my new tri suit. It os scheduled to be here by the end of the day on Friday. What does that mean? by 5? 5:30? I am heading out with J-Ninja and our Tri Crew Friday evening after everyone gets off work. The tri is a 2.5 hour drive so we are spending the night. So I am hoping so bad that my new fit gets here so I can sport it on Saturday! Didn't catch my post about my new ri suit? Check it out HERE.

My plan for swimming this week has not come to fruition. Last night and tonight we had pretty crazy, lightening and thunderstorms. Tomorrow I am interviewing a nanny at 6 but hopefully I can get her in and out in time to hit the pool....but really, I doubt that will happen. The pool closes at 8 so if I got there by 7 o'clock that's just barely an hour. A teaser.

I have some reading to do in the RLRF book so I am off to read then watch a movie! Any suggestions?


  1. Oh my goodness, if I had a 5:15am texting buddy, I would totally lie to her and go back to sleep. You crack me up.

  2. Really hot the tri outfit gets there is time!!! And hey when your sore your sore. Nothing you can do about it!! Have a good run in the morning!!

  3. I read and watch movies at the same time. Yeah, I'm that awesome. LOL.

    You can do it, lady! Just don't stress over missed workouts every once in a while. I know it's hard not to do (b/c I'm the same way), but one or two days missed will not mess you up.

  4. HA!!
    I need a kettlebell, there is a place here that has kettlebell classes, they just don't always fit in with my schedule. I went a few times and called it Death by Kettlebell, I loved it!!

  5. I love the idea of a "Wake up and go" text! I'll have to find a running buddy and do that sometimes!

  6. I've had a kettlebell collecting dust in my living room for more months than I'd like to admit. Need to find a simple routine to start with - the crazy Jillian Micheals video I have is too much to just jump into!

    Fingers crossed for your tri suit arriving in time!

  7. I wish I had a morning texter-buddy! I can not get up lately at all!

    Kettlebells are a great workout.


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