Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Now that I work full time Friday has an entirely NEW meaning. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have worked full time before and this is not a new concept, just a concept I haven't had to face in a LONG TIME! So TGIF everyone!!

I am packed and ready to head to WASHINGTON! Washington, North Carolina that is.

I'm pretty pumped about tomorrow's sprint tri! I have been slacking in the swimming, biking and well actually running departments lately. Dang. How do I expect to win when I am pretty much an all-around slacker? Shoot.....But hey, I'm gonna look pretty high speed (hopefully) in my new 2XU tri outfit!! It came today. Was sitting on my front porch when I got home! I of course ripped it open and tried it on immediately. The shorts are tight. Really tight. I know they are supposed to be and actually I'm not sure if I am supposed to wear them by themselves or not. I'm confused. They are compression shorts with no padding in the seat. I think they go UNDER something else....So i may go with my trusty iZume shorts tomorrow. To Be Decided.

Well, gotta run! I'll check in again soon!!!


  1. Some of the best races are those where you have no pressure, have slacked off, or are just not 100%. I wish that for you. Have fun!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow!!

    ON another note, did you see they announced a Half Marathon for Charlotte Motor Speedway in March. It looks so cool that I just may have to make a trip down your way... :)

  3. There is just nothing like FRIDAY!

    Good luck in Washington!

  4. Good Luck!! Can't wait to hear about it!!

  5. Good luck on your race! You're in great shape so you'll do fine :D

  6. Good luck! Sprint tri's are the best! I did an all women's one a few years ago and fell in love!.

    Have fun in Washington, NC (never even heard of it hehe).

    Get Up & Go


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