Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raleigh Triangle Tri...

Middle-of-the-packer....I guess I'll take that. Of course I would like to be a font-of-the-packer but that will take a little more, er.... work? Training? Effort? Yes, all of that.

Here are the Age Group results...

750 yd Swim/17 mile bike (longest sprint bike course EVER)/5k run


I'll give a full recap as soon as I get some pictures from J-Ninja, wh had to sit this race out due to her stupid ITB. It stinks to have an injured racing partner. But she was awesome as a Race Support and hung with LB!!

Peace out y'all....


  1. still a great job! my last sprint tri had a long bike like legs were wasted when it was time to run!

  2. Congratulations even if you are a middle packer. I am too, so I pay more attention to trying to beat the clock.

  3. I am at the back of the pack right now in my races. I cannot wait to be in the middle.

    Good job! Look forward to the race report!

  4. Congrats girlie!!!

    I have so much to learn!

  5. Great job and congrats! Can't wait to hear the full report. :)

  6. You had a good swim! Don't worry I was #8 out of 19 @ my first IM branded event. YOUCH!

  7. You FINISHED and you are my hero.. Miss you!!!

  8. OK, I did this one and looked for you yet again. Sprint tri number 2 with no Amanda sighting, but I did see LB this time. Cutie! I am in the back of the pack myself and just enjoyed feeling more comfy in the water this time. I'll get there one of these days. The run was horrible!

  9. Congrats on that Tri. You did awesome

  10. Greeeaaattt job!

    Can't wait to read the race recap and see you with your tongue sticking out.

    Cheers and happy running,


You're pretty much awesome!!


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