Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Negative or Positive?

Good or bad?

Happy or grumpy?

What do you want to hear? What should I tell you? Bad? Oh good! I wanted to totally unleash on you all! To be a Super Dooper (or is it duper?)Debbie Downer and get lots of sympathy!

I wanted to tell you how grumpy I am because I rolled over this morning after hitting snooze at 5:45 AM. I wanted to tell you that running early in the AM is awful and I hate it BUT on the other hand I feel so great afterwards. I was wanting to tell you that the good outweighs the bad AFTER I actually get up and run. I already know all these things, that the sacrifice is worth it and I feel worse in the evening after having NOT gotten up to run in the morning. I know this. Yet I still hit snooze so that I could get measly 40 extra minutes of lousy sleep. I didn't even get to get good sleep because I knew I should be up and out the door. Yet I laid there. Comfy in my bed.

Now. Now at 7:51 PM I am kicking myself. I had plans to go to the Recreation Center FREE gym that I discovered a few weeks ago while LB was half a mile away at his Ju Jit Su class. But circumstances happened and I wasn't comfortable leaving him at his class alone. A big thunderstorm rolled in and frankly lately I have been a bit tornado-shy. So I sat there...thinking about the gym.

Now, lightening is still streaking the sky but the rain has slowed. Maybe I will get out of my grumpy pants and slip on my happy tempo shorts for a quick neighborhood run. That sounds nice. Plus The Hubs said, so reassuringly, "Most people survive lightening strikes." Great. I feel so much better now.

Off for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood.

Give me a tip for managing my workouts and not gaining 20 pounds with my new job. I know it will take time to get in a routine but I am afraid that by that time I will have lost all my fitness and be starting over. I am thinking, if I can get my self in gear and be disciplined enough, two to three early AM runs (I hate getting up early) and Mon/Wed hitting up the small Recreation Center gym for only one hour (good for weights and a quick treadmill run). I just have such a hard time getting up so early. And week after next The Hubs will be heading to work by 5:30 AM so that means even earlier than now...ugh. How?! HOW!!!?

I just completed 3.5 miles with no lightening strikes and no rain!! AND I did a weights workout on the back porch!!! YEAH!! Maybe I will be an evening worker-outer!!!
And because no post is complete without photos this is for your viewing enjoyment....
4-up on 2011-07-06 at 21.12.jpg


  1. Pack healthy snacks, avoid the breakroom and drink a lot of water?

  2. That is something I struggle with pretty much every other day. The longer you do it, the easier it gets, and pretty soon it only takes 5 minutes of snoozing to talk yourself into running. Now early morning is my favorite time to run. And be kind to yourself, starting a new job is hard and takes a lot of energy.

  3. can you run at night?? That's what I do....I loathe morning workouts so after kids bath and bed (8pm) I head out...

  4. A trick I learned over the coooooold winter. . .sleep in your gear! I wake up, throw on my shoes, put in my contacts and go. I am already dressed, so no excuses!

  5. Getting up early takes a little time to get use to but you can do it.

  6. Sometimes I change into my running clothes before I go to bed if I know I have to get up early to run! That way it's literally just roll out of bed and go! Try it - it motivates me! I hate working out in the evening. I'm just way too tired.

  7. I wake up between 4:30-4:45 Mon-Thurs., depending on my work out plan. It was hard at first but now it's been my routine for a couple of years I can't imagine working out in the evening. I love getting it done and then relaxing in the evening.

  8. Thanks everyone! Ahh! It's just so hard! I know it will take time to get into a routine. I just want to be in a routine NOW! =)

  9. With my work schedule (and dh's) I have to always go after work. Luckily my gym has childcare so that makes it easy with kids. If I am feeling ambitious I will get up before anyone else on the planet and go to a 5:30-6am class but man that is HARD for this girl who loves her sleep!

  10. If I don't get my workout in the AM it is so hard for me at night.

    When I am at work, I go on walks on my breaks and lunch. I am stuck behind a desk and it drives me nuts! Find a walking buddy. It helps!

  11. Ugh, I am not a morning person. Or morning exerciser. I really really dig the lunchtime runs (though this may take some time to work into new work schedule), or late night runs. Like, 9pm. I'm awake, and usually knowing that I have to run keeps me on the straight & narrow diet-wise throughout the day.

    As far as being at work all sucks. I love my cubefarm, but it presents challenges. I have a 32oz nalgene that I drink from - one before lunch and one after. I keep only healthy snacks (dried fruit and a high-quality chocolate bar (for the sweet munchies)) at my desk, along with gum. LOTS of gum. Wheeee gum.

    UHM. If there's a small fridge I like to bring salad ingredients for the week and have salad everyday. I just pick/bring different proteins.

    You'll figure it out...transition times are always ass.

  12. I'm pretty sure the "spelling" is duper ;)

    I had an internship my senior year as a desk jockey from 9-5. I packed a ton of food and used my lunch break to run. I actually LOST weight doing this. Seeing how bad/often office people ate and how stressed they were/are motivated me to work out even more!

  13. Getting use to really early morning will just take a bit of time - once you are in a new routine it won't seem that bad at all! I have to be to work around 5 so my runs start at 3! I sometimes do what Christina said... change into your workout clothes before going to bed and it makes jumping out of bed for your run a LOT easier:)

  14. I've just started running in the mornings. And like you, I have a VERY hard time giving up that extra hour of sleep. Today my snooze button won the battle. I'll have to make it up tonight!

  15. Ooooh, weights workout on the back porch! Great idea! Although we are jammed in so tight with our neighbors, I'd be giving off a good show. AWESOME that you made it out for a run and love the pics!

    You'll get the hang of the new routine and do what needs to be done, I know it!

  16. cute pics! great job getting in a run

  17. Run at night, Bring a picnic dinner to a park/track and have the kids/dad eat together while you run a speed workout, split your run with half in the morning half at night (two miles each time or something, since two miles only takes around twenty minutes), do a workout video after the kids go to bed (30 day shred only takes 20 minutes), run at lunch time. Good luck!

  18. Girl. You. Rock.

    Love the photos.
    Freaking adore you.

    It's all in the [cuss word] planning.
    Keep those happy tempo shorts close by. Every other morning @ 5am.

    You. Are. Awesome.

  19. Nothing wrong with an evening workout right? Is that when you are at your best?

    Plan your meals and snacks...maybe move your alarm clock to another area in yoru bedroom so you have to get up to turn it off?

  20. I always regret when I give into temptation and hit the Snooze button. Getting out of bed is definitely the hardest part of a workout.

  21. Amanda, you're beautiful. Loved the pictures at the end.

    So you hit snooze. No biggie, you still got your workout in. Like you said, maybe you're just an evening person. Nothin' wrong with that!!

    The valedictorian of my graduating class did his homework in the bathtub. True story. He'd draw a *bubble* bath, put a board across the tub and write a 3 page paper. Sometimes he'd be in there for hours and his mom would bring him dinner in the bathroom.
    He now makes 6 figures for a tech company.

    Moral of the story - do it YOUR WAY. As long as you get it done, thats all that matters!

    And again I say, you're beautiful!

  22. I know I'm late on the uptake but I have a pretty erratic work schedule and I get hives if I miss a workout but somedays I have to work longer hours than originally planned... and I am NOT a morning workout person. I am NOT an elite runner like you so I realize you need different things then I do but I try to tell myself that whatever I can do is good. I keep a deck of cards and bust out a twenty minute body weight strength routine on breaks. When I worked at an office I used to take bathroom breaks to bust out push ups and tricep dips in the restroom. I took power walks on lunch breaks. And I workout at night better then in the morning so I do cardio at night. I never want to, I'm always tired after a full day of work, but I just put on my workout gear and that gets me out the door. HOpe you find your happy place!!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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