Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time will pass anyway…

…we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale

I wish I had 4 more months here in T-Town, not 4 weeks…

Tomorrow is 14 miles with RED while the Hubs watches LB and her two little Redheads…that should be fun! Insert evil laugh here…He he he….

The Hubs has been so supportive of my marathon training since he got home.  It has turned out to be quite hectic and actually a pain in the bahooney. We will be moving from WA to NC in only  a few short weeks. There are so many things we have wanted to do here in WA before we go: Forks to see Edward Cullen and the other Vampires and ware wolves (OK so I want to do that), the San Juan Islands, and backpacking in the Olympics just to name a few things.  When he came home from deployment we sat down and filled up our calendar.  EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. BOOKED. It was tiresome just looking at it.  BUT, with marathon training all our plans have been revolving around long runs.  There are times when I want to say “Screw it, lets just go do XYZ”. But we don’t so I can run.  So THANK YOU to my Hubs for supporting me in this. I know there are things on our list that wont get done and next weekend is the backpacking in the Olympics trip.  Don’t worry, I’m only running 20 miles that morning.   Will it work out? I don’t know but I will do my best.

I must admit I feel a little guilty or bad with all our weekends revolving around long runs with such a big move right around the corner.  I have so many people I want to see and spend time with and so many things I want(ed) to do and so yet so little time.

I guess I could tell you about my stellar 5 miler this AM. I hit the road early for 5 miles and knocked them out at an 8:40 pace.  I feel like I’m getting my pace back, finally.  Now I just need to shed the 8 or 9 pounds that showed up in the last few months but they aren’t budging. It is so frustrating. 

On the plan for tomorrow is 14 miles….lets get it done so I can head to the San Juan Islands!


  1. 14 miles should be easy for you now, Amanda! Go get 'em. And, that's awesome that your hubby is supportive of your training. :) Gotta love that.

  2. Good luck on your 14! Glad you enjoyed your 5 miler today.

    I hear you about the poundage. I didn't see the scale mover FOREVER then I got injured and was forced to change my routine and a few more pounds came off! Maybe your body is getting used to your workouts?

  3. Stop talking about it.. CRYING again.. Don't do everything, then you will have reasons to come back.. Hehehehhe..

    Hope 14 went well, I did 16 and URGH!

  4. I hear you on the extra few pounds not budging! So frustrating! Sweet hubby to work around your long runs. It's hard to make the time!
    Good luck with your mom. Sorry to hear you are leaving the NW.:(

  5. Sounds like there are lot's of things to do and not enough time to do them all. But the important things will surface and will get attended to.
    Hope the 14 goes good tomorrow. I did 8 today and plan another 8 or 9 tomorrow. Just lost my toenail, as a result of the 1/2 marathon I did on Aug 21st. Hoping that running without it will be OK.


  6. I sense a love for Edward?? I love it and think it would be fun to make a trip to Forks. Hang in there during this busy time...and see the people you want to see...the open road will always be there. have a good run tomorrow. I have 15 on tap for the a.m....not that jazzed about it.

  7. I is hard to juggle all of the runs...especially the long runs...I am in the same boat as you!
    Great job on your 5 miler, and I agree with the weight issue...Why can't I just shed those pounds???

  8. I hear you re: hubby support. Sometimes I feel so guilty for leaving to run...but then I remember that EVERYONE is happier at home when I have gotten some good sweaty cardio! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love your family support for your runs!

    Enjoy your 14 and all those weekend WA adventures before you come to the east coast.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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