Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun fun fun…and RUN!

***warning!!  Long long long post***

Every year since I started running here in WA we have done the Super Jock n Jill. I normally do the half marathon (2008/2:03.55, 2009/2:05.10 recap HERE and HERE) but this time around it just didn’t fit with my Portland training.  Jessica was registered for the 4.2 miler and made me promise to come, at the very least come…I agreed.  It was hard to NOT run the half.  I wanted to really bad BUT I knew it wasn’t smart after my 18 miler the day before. 

I had a hard time getting out of bed, I mean physically getting OUT of bed.  My body was stiff.  I shuffled around the house in the dark and got everything on (as far as clothes go…) and ready.  I know me.  I got ready to run a race.  I knew it wouldn’t be the half, at least I had a good inkling it wouldn’t be.  I thought it could be the 4.2 miler.

Jessica arrived one minute behind schedule (right on time).  We hopped in the car and headed to the meeting point to pick up Mel and Jill.  I got there exactly on time and they loaded into my Jeep.  We were all chitty and chatty.  I asked Jessica “Where are we going?” After three and a half years I still don’t know how to get everywhere…Mel only almost panicked. But we had it under control.  As we drove we talked and caught up on everything that needed catching up on.  This is when I was just driving, you know on auto pilot I guess and not really paying attention to my speed. I hate that I got a speeding ticket but honestly, I earned it.  I really don’t want to talk down on cops.  Truth be told I was actually a cop once upon a time.  Yep, pulled people over. I got in trouble for being too nice and giving too many warnings so I completely understand. But it still sucks. 

ANYWAY….we got to the race in plenty of time even with the minor setback on the free way. Mel’s comment, “Awe! We weren’t even running late.” True, there was no reason for me to be speeding.  I’m a speeder. I speed in my car. Guilty. I was due for a ticket.  Ahhh, but I once again digress. Sorry, back to the race.  We got there and Jessica, Jill and Mel all got ready for their races.  I kept my flip flops on and had no plan to run.  At that point I had decided to spectate. As we walked closer to the registration and packet pick up tables I got that race day rush of excitement. All the runners hopping around, pinning on their bibs, fastening their chips to their shoes….Jessica got her packet and her awesome neon green shirt. Mel and Jill registered for their half. We snapped a ridiculous amount of pictures and wandered to the Honey Buckets. 

I’m not really sure how it all happened but at one point Jessica wanted to head back to the car for something and  I wanted to grab my camera.  I told Jess I may just bandit the course with her or run for a little bit then turn back to the finish line.  My conscious got the better of me and by the time I had walked 200 yards to the car I had made up my mind to register. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone-arm-band-holder-thing (yes, that is what it is called), my camera and $20.  We headed back to the registration table and I signed up for the 4.2.

A few more pictures followed:

2010-09-06 08.34.52


The ole Putting The Timing Chip On shot!


Jill, Me and Mel….too bad I don’t have a pink polka dot running skirt. Pink IS my favorite color

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 001

2010-09-06 08.35.36


Mel, Me and Jessica…almost race time!





As we were headed to the start line I noticed a woman who was wearing seriously next to nothing! For a moment I thought I was at a tri or a swim meet…upon double checking I knew I was actually at a running event…check out the woman in the FAR back right of this photo below….Now, if you happen to read my blog, don’t get me wrong, you definitely had the body to ROCK that outfit…but girl, it was cold! Brrr…..and honestly, as I always say, if you are going to dress like that you better be able to back it up.  No one wants to go out looking like a super duper ELITE just to finish last.  Well, this woman backed it up alright.  Mel said she was hanging with the big dawgs in the front of the pack of the half. So really, what it all boils down to is that I could not be caught dead in a sports bra and spankies like that, so yes. I’m a hater…a jealous hater. So sue me.

 sep 6 2010 jock n jill 004

Jill was pumped up to attempt a  possible PR (and she DID it!!!) with Mel as her pacer.  When it was time to line up at the start they found there way to the appropriate pace starting position.

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 005

Here they are at the starting line!!




Jessica and I headed a bit further back to find our spot.


Finally it was time to go and the crowd inched forward. Jessica and I settled into a nice jog and I could feel my calves tightening up and the back of my knee felt really tight too.  But we kept going and I may have talked her ear off.  I’m not sure. I enjoyed running at a slower pace than usual for me and was able to really see everything around us. Jessica pointed out a cool winery as we passed that makes her favorite wine. We were passed by a dude with no shoes and straight up board shorts.  He looked like I was running to catch a wave.  That set my mind off for a good 5 minutes…beaches, sun, sand…waves….SNAP! Back to reality: 63 degrees and misty in WA.  There was a dad running with his daughter and he was coaching her along. It was really cool.  There were a speed walking pair in front of us who were haulin! They actually disappeared in front of us.

I kept Jess going and she would occasionally say we needed to slow.  I would just get excited in the conversation and speed up.  We we came to the turn off for the 4.2 milers most of the halfers had gone on past their first water station. About 25 yards ahead of us on the half course the water station volunteers were having an all-out water fight. It was not warm outside. Kids are weird. Nothing about that looked fun. We turned and ran on.

I had to stop for a bathroom break.  I told Jessica to go ahead and I would catch her. I turned off course to make my stop. When I came out Jessica was a good distance ahead of me and had already passed our fist water stop.  I ran fast to catch her and passed up water at the stop. I could feel my legs yelling at me. Once I caught her she handed me her water cup and said “Throw this away for me.” Ok, I noticed a small trashcan off the trail a ways and ran to throw the cup away and sprinted back to catch her. Interval training. Sweet.

It was around mile 3 that the Hubs called me on my cell.  Like an obnoxious racer I answered. I wonder if it annoyed Jessica. Sorry Jess!!!  We chatted for a few minutes about plans for the afternoon. We hung up.  A few minutes later he called back. I answered.  He was awfully chatty and I had to tell him, “Dude, I’m running a race. I’ll call you back when I finish.” He was surprised since he thought I was only going to watch. 

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 013


Me on the phone while racing AND taking pictures. Dumb, I shouldn’t have answered.  There is Jess in the back.  She said I sped up when I was on the phone and I know I did.



Here is a pretty chunk of the trail and then me and Jess on the bridge.  Always a fun time with Jessica!

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 009 sep 6 2010 jock n jill 012


As we neared the end of the race Jess picked up her pace.  She had been saving her energy for the last quarter mile.  A good technique that I often employ myself.  I have yet to finish a race where I didn’t have a kick in the end.  I’m not sure if that is necessarily a good thing or not? Hmmmm…..

Jess picked up the pace and finished strong a good three steps in front of me! So proud of her!!! 4.2 miles done!!! Now if I can only convince her to train up for the Vegas half!

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 015We recovered for a bit and went to the best spot to wait for Jill and Mel to come in. i had been watching every single person and knew they were getting close. Mel texted me at mile 9 and I knew they were on course for Jill to get her PR and sub 2:08!  Unfortunately, just seconds before they came around the blind corner a very tall dude came flying around the corner in jean shorts…he was a spectacle. Mesmerizing. I truly could not take my eyes off of him.  It was bizarre.  I was staring….until Jessica screamed “THERE!” And I snapped out of it just in time to catch Mel and Jill on the final home stretch to Jill’s awesome half marathon PR (read about it HERE)!

I had such a great time and am so glad that I got to spend some QT with these girls!

On the agenda for this week is 9 miles tomorrow, 5 on Thursday, rest on Friday and 14 Saturday.

how is everyone doing with the Legs Love Lunges Challenge?  It has been hard lately with my increased mileage. I have to admit I have only been doing a small number of lunges, like 10 each leg.  But I know it will pay off…it is just so hard!


  1. Looks like you guys had lots o fun, if only you weren't such an annoying running partner, answering your phone, twice, for shame! :)

    I am actually starting to pick up my number of lunges, up to a whopping 20 each leg! Coach quit when he hurt his foot, wuss. Men just can't hack it.

  2. Looks like a great day! I can certainly understand wanting to join in on the fun of the race!

  3. Great fun run!!! The pictures are cool, I love the post too lots of fun!!!

  4. It looks like a fun day, and I probably would have ended up running, too!

    I have been doing my lunges, but why are they still so difficult? Like you, I've only been doing a pretty small number for each leg. I hope they're making a difference!

  5. Looks like it was a blast.

    Loving the cell phone running photo. now THAT takes SKILLZ my friend.

  6. Love it! So jealous. Racing is so much more fun with friends to run with and cheer for. Congrats on pushing through 4.2 after your 18.

  7. You are hilarious - the answering the phone/taking photo/running picture is the best ever!

    Sounds like a stress-free fun run.

    I wonder if that lady in the bikini outfit came in first? Even if I ran 6-minute miles, I don't think I could pull that off in a race unless it was the Olympics.

  8. what a fun race! I wish I had a running partner to inspire me to keep going like I am sure you do for your friends.

    I'm new to blogging, but have been reading your blog since I started. I gave you a blogger award for being inspiring. Check it out at my site if you feel so inclined!

  9. You are so funny! How do you run, take phone calls and pictures all at the same time?

    Nice 'recovery' run. ;-)

    Lunges?! Yeah, thinking about you each evening when I do them. Think angry thoughts and then LBM starts to imitate me and I think "Thank you" thoughts!

  10. sort of worth the read ...

    you're the 2nd person in two weeks that has paced someone - good for you

    I guess the guy in the jeans was doing something illegal ... Officer!

  11. I loved reading your report on this race too! :D Sounds like you all had fun from what i've read :) My legs are hating me from doing a 100 meter lunge walk lol...

  12. I would die to have 63degrees right now! It's 93 in Bama today with the humidity at about 70%. The race looked fun! Good luck with the mileage this week!

  13. Sounds like a great day! I'm jealous that you have such splendid running temps. It's hot and humid in SE Arkansas.

  14. Sounds like it was a great time. Wonderful to be able to run with a friend - you probably kept her going.

    Love that you were talking on the phone and taking a picture. Too funny. So you must carry your camera while you run?

  15. It looks like you guys were having a great time!

    Phone talking, running, picture taking? Nice work on the multitask


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