Friday, September 3, 2010

Dress Code (for working/non-running hours) During Marathon Training…..

1) NO CUTE SHOES. Only comfortable shoes may be worn to the office.

This is what happens when you wear cute shoes that are not flip flops to work for a few hours….Sorry for the strange view but taking a picture of the back of your heel is actually quite hard.

blister2 blister

This is not going to make for a fun 18 mile run this weekend.  Funny how I can run hundreds of miles and not have a single blister but when I wear some cute, expensive shoes to work it rips up my foot. one word- Stupid.

And here is something random:

Pom smoothie

Today I decided to make myself a POM smoothie for lunch using some of the random things I could find in the kitchen: an apple (I cut it up into little pieces with the peel on), POM, a tangerine, some coconut water, some orange juice and lastly I added ice.  It was quite yummy! I’m kind of hooked on making these things and it is fun to just find random things to throw in.

And now for the running portion of this running blog….Yeah, I didn’t run.  Straight up slacked out on my 5 miles yesterday, didn’t do it today. I guess there is a slight chance (about 1 in a million) that I will do it easy tomorrow.  But the important thing is 18 miles on Sunday…that, my friends, I will do. Plus, I need to let my blister heal. Right?

Oh yeah, and I received a sweet exercise dress from Nuu- Muu to try out!  I haven’t run in it yet but I look forward to giving it a try!! Review coming soon!

aug 25 2010 001 aug 25 2010 003

Have a great Labor Day weekend and happy long runs!!!


  1. dude I am pretty sure I would look nothing like that in a "running" dress. I too am battling a blister..and have a 20 mile run on the books. Hoping I can make it!

  2. You seriously need to throw some spinach into that smoothie. I know, I know, it sounds gross but it is sssoooo good!! YOu can't even taste the spinach and BAM ~ you have almost a full day's worth of fruits and veggies on one drink. I drink a green smoothie (almost) everyday. They are perfect for preworkout drinks, too!!

  3. Yup, blisters are awesome *insert commiserating sarcasm here*

    And boo, also, to ill-fitting cute shoes - the only black toenail I ever got came from a pair of ballerina flats and I've been re-injuring it running ever since; argh!

    Don't feel bad about skipping out - my week has been crap in the running department... between healing blisters and general life stuff I just haven't gotten it done.

  4. I hate that! I'm like blister queen because my socks like to wear thin. I finally bought socks just for running. I never wear cute shoes unless the are slippers or flats. Haha I have learned my lesson from far too many cut up heels and ankles.

  5. I do still wear cute shoes, but only the ones that I know and trust won't give me blisters. I'm not a fan of flip flops and I like to make noise when I walk. :) I hope that blister heals quickly for you!

  6. Haha, I laughed at the "And now for the running portion of this running blog….Yeah, I didn’t run. Straight up slacked out on my 5 miles yesterday, didn’t do it today. I guess there is a slight chance (about 1 in a million) that I will do it easy tomorrow."

    Love your honesty!

  7. I find my dress code goes way down when marathon training...sitting here in recovery tights and a t-shirt right now, hoping no one stops by!

    Cute dress.

  8. I get blisters from cheapo shoes too. That's why I pretty much live in my flip flops over the summer! Put some aquaphor on the blister and it will be healed in no time!
    That's a cute dress! I can't wait to read the review of it.

  9. Yeahhhhhhh, I would suck as a girl. There is no way that I would ever wear shoes that would cut into the back of my feet.

  10. I have an ugly blister on the instep of my left foot right now from some sandals I wore on vacation! It sucked because the only shoes I took to FL with me that WEREN'T sandals that WOULDN'T rub it were my running shoes. So I had to wear my running shoes with all the cute outfits I took with me. haha I looked like such a dork those last two days, but what's a girl gonna do???


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