Monday, September 13, 2010

My San Juan Island Run…

One word: HILLY.

Ok, time to play catch up….

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I skipped my 14 miler.  I know, I know….I’m B.A.D. One of RED’s little Redheads came down with a fever so she couldn’t make it Saturday AM.  These things happen. Oh well, that just meant that we got head start on our weekend trip to the beautiful San Juan Islands. I managed a nice 6 mile run while we were there.  Yep, ran while on a weekend trip.  That should be good for something. Right?

Our bed and breakfast had bikes that we could use so Hubs and LB climbed on the bike and road circles around me while I ran. Literally.  It was HILLY! I mean this place put the puny hills of T-Town to shame. I wanted to go 14 miles but we didn’t really have time: Breakfast at 9:30 and checkout at 11.  We got up and out the door at 7 AM which I thought was plenty of time.  I didn’t plan on running SO slow so I cut it to 6 miles.  Here is a brief photo journalist’s view of the run:

The bike….

 dad and lb dad and lb 2 on bike

The run….

 running 1

Of course…..






running 2

running 3

running 4

running 5



It was so fun running with the fam! LB kept cheering for me, “Go, Mom, GO!”

I got High 5’s every 200 yards!



running 7

This may not have been the fastest or best run of my training but it was certainly fun.  It’s always fun to see new places from the running perspective. 

Tomorrow is 10 miles for my mid-week/mid-distance run.  Then 7 miles + JBLM half marathon on Saturday to get my 20 miler in! This training cycle is quickly coming to an end!! Then it is off to the east coast and unchartered training waters….back to back marathons, kind of. 8 weeks to marathon #3!  Eeeks!

And I have NOT forgotten about LLL Challenge!! I have just been crazy busy so I will try to get that wrapped up this week.  I have a few crazy days ahead of me, to include resigning from my job…kind of need to do that since I am 3.5 weeks away from moving.  Yeah, I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Not to mention I hate that sort of thing.  Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated….


  1. I love the pictures! Way to run while on a weekend trip :)

  2. I'm with Michelle: love the pictures. And running for FUN is awesome!! :)

  3. man, I could do anything if I got high fives from a cute little boy every 200 yards.

    way to "get it done" on vacation! you're a machine!

  4. That sounds like an awesome run! I would love to do a run like that with my husband riding with my boys in the burley next to me! High fives are the best! :)

  5. Love love the pictures!! Wish I could run with you this weekend. It is hubs birthday on Sunday so it is HIS weekend.. Lordy am I going to MISS YOU!!!!

  6. Great job running on vacation! I love the bike they are riding, it is sweet!

  7. You definitely get credit for running on a weekend getaway!!

  8. that looks like such a fun run and time spent with family! love the pics!

  9. Things I love about this post:

    the bike.
    the silly photo of you.
    the clouds.
    the family day.

    YAY you!!

  10. Army son used to ride his bike with me while I ran. I loved that!

    We are still doing our bikinis but still doing lunges! ;-)

  11. I got my challenge post up!

  12. Nice to meet you. THat bike looks like so much fun. I think I have to start recruiting one my little ones to run with me.

  13. great run at San Juan Island, it seems that you enjoy it, that was a good experience.

  14. That sounds like a great run!!

    I love how, in that picture of you, the only thing that is not blurry is your tongue. If that was on purpose, well played. ;)

  15. That does sound like fun. It's nice when you get to incorporate your fam into your training.


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