Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am a slacker…

…but what else is new?

What kind of running blog would this be if I didn’t post a picture of LB on his first day of Kindergarten? We had to cut off his Mohawk…he was totally bummed but despite, as you can see, he was super excited!

Levi 1st day Sept 2 Levi's first day of Kindergarten 014 edit

Now, on to running. 

I didn’t run today. Nope. Straight up skipped today’s 5 miler.  Actually I was quite busy but either way, I did not run.  I think it’s ok since I actually got my 9 miles in yesterday and my 18 miler is pushed to Sunday.  I’ll just have to get 5 done tomorrow, no biggie.

Yesterday I was scheduled for 9 miles for my mid-week mid-distance run.  I didn’t think I was going to get it in since I had random appointments all day with no more than 2 hours between AND LB was home with me all day.  But the stars aligned and a client no-showed and I did an air pump with my fist (in celebration)  and raced home to get my running clothes on!  I set out for 9 miles at. 

RED had texted me her amazing stats for her 9 miler done bright and early BEFORE work….I don’t do early. Period. Plus it would have to be SUPER early because half the time the Hubs leaves for work around 6:30 or 7. So being the competitive person that I am (becoming) I was determined to get my 9 in, somehow.  If RED can do it I HAVE to do it. After all we are running partners and if we are to continue to be compatible running partners we have to stay on track with each other.  I set out with the goal of staying on her pace for that run.  I. ALMOST.DIED. 

Stats---9 Miles 

Average Pace---8:41

Average Moving Pace---8:28

Fastest Mile---8:18

Least Fast Mile---8:56

I haven’t had a good run like this since Seattle Rock n Roll. I was beginning to worry that I completely lost my sub 9 pace ability.  This run gave me a little bit of confidence that I might, just might, be able to beat my last marathon time. 

This weekend--- 18 Miles!!  I’m kind of excited (does that make me weird? or Crazy?)!  During my last training round I was unable to complete my 18 miler.  I think I attempted it solo and just didn’t make it.  Not this time!  RED and I will work our way through 18 miles!


  1. Yay for a great 9miler! :)
    I don't think you're crazy for being excited about your 18M run. I have mine in a week and I'm kind of excited about it too. Good luck with your run!

  2. That is an awesome 9 miler! Your 18 will be great. I'm shooting for 18 this weekend too... trying to work up the positive attitude going into it! Maybe your excitement will rub off! :)

  3. Ok, I think you're crazy! Just sayin...although I do get excited about riding the bike for so long that my hooha goes numb and the feeling never comes back. Can you break that riding a bike?

  4. thats an aweesome run!!! gee whiz i wish i were that fast!!

  5. Great 9-mile pace, dude! And your LB looks so cute on his first day of school. :)

  6. Cute pictures!! Speedy speedy lady!! Days off are good, you will get it in

  7. Killer times dude - keep on rockin.

    You guys look cute together.

  8. Congrats with your time. I agree with you, early morning running sucks!


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