Monday, September 27, 2010

Running Mojo…

Comes in a small white envelop with a race bib and a timing chip.

Well, if you are expecting repeat of Friday’s blog crying and whining about a terrible, awful, good for nothing, dirty, rotten, sorry, awful, sucky run then forget it. Nope. Not here. Not today….

This weekend has been NUTS!

With the local You Go Girl inaugural Half Marathon happening in my back yard the weekend has been jam-packed with activities, bloggies, food, hanging out and RUNNING.  I had ZERO intention of running today. None. Nope. Not at all.  But I wanted to be involved with the weekend activities.  I worked with some of the other local bloggies to set up a carbo load dinner Saturday night so that we could meet a lot of the other local bloggers  and a few from out of sate (all names and sites to come!)!!

At the dinner I heard Mel-Tall Mom say, “Amanda will do it. Ask her.” Great, what will I do? I said, “Huh? Do what?”  “Run the half tomorrow.” “Me? Run a half, last minute? Unexpectedly? Ok. I’m in! Because that’s how I roll!” And just like that Diana- Done the Run single-handedly pulled me out of my slump. She handed me my mojo in a small white envelope that contained a bib # and a timing chip.

You Go Girl!!!

So I ran with Summer’s bib and under her name because she is injured and couldn’t make it.  I am so sad that she is injured and Summer, I wish you a SPEEDY RECOVERY! Thank you SO much for allowing me to run under your name…I NEEDED this run! It definitely brought back some confidence that I have been lacking lately.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend…SO many more to come!! 

LB,Me, Stacie-Impossible is Nothing, (Lazy Dog’s big head)Tressa the Adorable Wife of the Track Coach and Katye-Long Legs on the Loose in the flesh, here in T-Town from the East Coast!

Sep 26 2010 you go girl 004

Me, Tall Mom, Katye and TMB

Sep 26 You go girl 010

A jillion bloggies!!!  Sorry but I can’t link you all up…

Sep 26 You go girl 005

Katye, Me, T,Jill, Mel

Sep 25 2010 008

(if you need emailed pics from this weekend hit me up through the contact me tab above!!!)

There are so many more pics but I'll have to same them for later.

And now, for the info you all have been waiting for:

Today’s stats:

13.04 (first time in my racing history a course was wee bit short):   1:59.06

Full race report to come!!!

I’m super pumped to have my running mojo back!!!! Bring on the…er, taper!


  1. way to go. love the tongue shot of course!

  2. Thanks Kerrie!! Hope you had a great birthday!!

    H Love, I had to go back to see the tongue shot! I didn't even realize there was a tongue there!! Ha ha! See? It is just my signature pose! Ha!!! Hope the blisters are doing better!

  3. Sooo glad that you ran! You rocked it! :) Great job!

  4. I wish I could have ran that! There is always next year....

    Glad you got your mojo back.

  5. Welcome back mojo! And how could it not happen with all those motivators?

  6. Sounds like JUST what you needed, and love the bloggy meet-up photos!

  7. Woo Hoo! I knew you'd pull out some crazy stunt like a spontaneous half! Way to go!

  8. Sweet! I will now refer to you as Summer. Great job Summer. :-)

  9. Gotta love a sub-2hr!!! You guys look like such a fun group. Much jealousy here!

  10. Awesome to meet you! (I also noticed the course was short, wth?? My garmin clocked 13.01).

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

  11. I'm glad you got your mojo back and I got to meet you! Did you notice I am doing something weird in the back of the shot with you Mel, Katye and T? I just did!

  12. Oh also, I think I left a bag with a long sleeved t in it in your car. No rush on getting it back, if you could just bring it to Portland, thanks!

  13. It's the bloggy meet up of the year. Looks like a great time. Congrats on getting your mojo back and having a great race.

  14. YAY MOJO!

    I always LOVE your photos.

  15. That looks like a ridiculously fun time. Congrats on finding the mojo.

  16. welcome back mojo! glad you went just to be involved and that it turned in to even more fun

  17. I knew you would be IN and I knew you needed every second of that last Half around T-Town. you will be missed more than you can even imagine.. thanks for hosting, dog hair or not.. And way to ROCK IT OUT and run the whole course hehehe :)

  18. Yay for getting your mojo back! Sounds like an awesome weekend! I loved all of the guys look like you're having so much fun!

  19. Mojo's a funny thing. Glad you got it back.


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