Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 miles in my Nuu Muu…

and a fun little nugget at the end….it wont disappoint.

Yep, I ran 9 miles in a dress.  Who’d a thunk? I’m not really a serous girly girl, at least when it comes to running.  I don’t generally get all cutesied up with hair and make up done just to sweat. IF I do anything it is generally putting on mascara only.  But when I saw the cute exercise dresses from Nuu Muu (check ‘em out HERE) I thought I would love to try one out! They are super cute!

Sep 8 2010 Nuu Muu 006 editSep 8 2010 Nuu Muu 001 Enid at Nuu Muu sent me the super cute exercise dress to give a try! Once I tried it on I thought it was cute BUT it was really really short on me. Somehow it was shorter on me than on their models…guess I’m pretty tall (5’9 3/4). But either way it is designed to be worn over something: Long tights, capri tights, compression shorts…whatever you want!  I wore it last night during my evening 9 miler and the air was a bit chilly, 60 degrees or so. I thought I would be cool so I layered over the Nuu Muu with a long sleeved shirt. Talk about WARM! I made it one mile before I had to take the long sleeves off. So I see this being a great piece in the winter for layering as well as a nice cool piece to wear in warm weather with  no layering.

It was so soft and comfortable too.  The fabric wicked away moisture really well.  It didn’t cause chaffing anywhere either.  9 miles is a pretty long run to try new gear but I had no significant problems with it.  Highlights for the Nuu Muu Exercise Dress: Comfortable, can be worn alone (over bottoms of some sort) on warm days or under a long sleeved shirt for extra warmth and layering, pretty cute if I do say so myself, and covers my bottom and thighs with no riding up to expose anything that should not be exposed, soft and comfortable.

The only thing I found that made me say, “Hmmmm…..” was where to put my iPod.  When you wear a shirt it is fine clipped to the waistband of your pants.  You can reach the volume, fast forward, rewind or pause quite easily.  But since this is a dress you kind of have to hike up the dress to get at the iPod. Rarrr…..That is the only design flaw that I could see. 

Sorry to the dudes who read my blog. I don’t want to totally bore you if your not in the market for a dress and your significant other isn’t either.  For your viewing enjoyment here is a video that my LB caught of me heading out last night.  It’s me nearly getting hit by a crazed woman in  a mini van.  What is it with women in mini vans?  I have a few friends who drive them Jill and Kerrie who shall remain nameless, but they are responsible mini van drivers!

So please, enjoy:

Go ahead, laugh.  You know you want to…

Stats for yesterday’s 9 miler:  1:19.48---8:58 pace

I have decided that I kind of like the 9 mile distance.  It is far but not quite too far…I wish there were some 9 mile races out there. 


  1. I love the photos and the video, also the post. Keep it up!!!

  2. great pace!

    Looks like she was rushing to a funeral! LOL

  3. Come up to Bellingham tomorrow! 15k (9.3 miles) and right along the water ...

  4. That is hilarious that after all your posts (aka ravings) about crazy drivers, your kid gets that particular 4 seconds on video! You must be rubbing off on him (or setting him up to be one of them!)

  5. Good review on the dress! I don't know if I'll ever try one, but it's nice to know that it works!

  6. Thanks for the review on the Nuu-Muu! And guess what....debuting in the spring line available in early 2011....the RUU-MUU...the much anticipated Nuu-Muu with a pocket!

  7. Great job on the 9-miler! That dress looks cute.

  8. First of all I want one of those dresses, second of all I want one with a pocket! Third, nice run! :)

  9. Oooo weeee! Don't you look FAB in that dress, Amanda! :)
    9 miles is a pretty sweet distance, I agree.

  10. ok i've totally been looking at them and I'm 5'9" so that's really good to know!!

  11. I love the video! Too funny and glad you didn't get hit by that crazy driver!

  12. The dress looks super cute - but storing stuff is a problem.

  13. Way to look super cute doing 9 mile.

    Ouch on the video. That looked really close!

  14. I love running in a dress. I have one and wore it on a long run the other day. It rocked.


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