Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Recap of Sorts

So here is the story about how I came to run You Go Girl.

I had no intention of running it. Period.  It was too expense for starters. Second I didn’t want to register when everyone else signed up as a team because I didn’t know if I would be here or not by the time the race rolled around.  Third, the course seemed like 98% of the races I have run here in Tacoma (thus not wanting to pay $95 for a half).  And fourth, I wasn’t sure how it would fit into my Portland training.

I wanted to be involved in the weekend though, I knew that much! And I am so glad I was!  I volunteered to get the restaurant booked for the pre race carbo load dinner. It was so cool to have so many bloggers there, in the flesh!

Sep 25 2010 023

It was at the dinner that Diana mentioned having an extra half marathon bib because a couple of the girls on the team are injured.  Mel said I would be up for it and how could I say no? The excitement was contagious and I new not racing was going to be hard. I had even considered for a moment being a bandit for a few miles. Now I wouldn’t have to!!

So here is Diana giving me my bib race morning:

heather or summer

She is handing my my Mojo! =)

Thanks again Diana!! SO SUPER AWESOME!  I needed this race SO bad! It gave me back the confidence I needed to tackle Portland in less than 2 weeks!

We snapped a few pics: I’m sure they look familiar!

Sep 26 You go girl 010


Mel is being sad about my upcoming move….I’m pretty sad too but I can’t think about it…not right now. It’s too much, too hard.




Me and IMG00129-20100926-0811Mel trying to stay dry!






Group Shot! I love all the bright colors on this drabby day!Sep 26 You go girl 004

So we headed to the race start and I was just meandering around.  I decided to hit the Honey Bucket line just to be safe. While in line I met one of 5 men running the race. I asked him, “So how did you come about running this race?” Meaning, You’re a dude, why are you running today? But he didn’t really understand and said he was in town on business from Florida and so he registered. WHAT?  For an all women's race? With no women friends as cover? What ev. I ended up seeing him on every single out and back. I waved and he smiled on the first one. After than he was in the zone…He ended up coming in first for the men. Wooptie Dooo dude, really.

After I hit the Honey Bucket I stood and talked with Zoe and Kerrie and Chelsea and others when they said, “Why are you way back here?” Oh, I hadn’t really even thought about it. I said good luck to them and tried to make my way up a little bit. I ended up being stuck at the 2:50 pacer.  Even with my goal of using this race as a training run 2:50 was a little on the slow side. Oh well. I settled in and waited for the Gun. 

GO! I settled in for a nice, easy training run.  I really just wanted a good run. I wanted to finish.  So I told myself I would go for a 2:05-2:10. My Garmin was ridiculous. In the first mile it said my heart rate was 243.  Um, pretty sure I would be dead if that were the case? It settled to a more reasonable rate of 154 after mile 2. That’s more like it. It must have been the cloud cover too because my pace was ALL over the pace: 9 min/mile one second, 11 min/mile the next.  At one point I was under 8.  I decided to just forget it and run. So I did.

The first out and back it was an absolute blast! I waved at all the girls I new! It was so cool! I saw Mel and TMB and gave Mel a HIGH 5 and cheered them on. They were flying! After that out and back I kind of got in my running zone.  I saw others and waved but my mind was busy. I realized that my race reports suck because I don’t really think about much when I run, at least not much I care to share with the world. I zone out, withdrawal into my mind. It is so good to just go brain dead for 2 hours (or more or less).

I don’t know why but I almost cried like 5 times during this race. It could have been all the dads cheering on their baby’s momma's and the kids and even the kids running with their moms. It could have been the fact that this was my last race in Tacoma…It could have just been everything, the stress of everything just working it’s way out.

I enjoyed this race so much. The course was much better than I had suspected. And it was so cool knowing so many people along the way. My iPod had new songs on it and that was awesome too.  As I neared Ruston Way I kept looking out for My Official Race Crew and LB. I ran all the way to the turn around and didn’t see them.  I had a brief laugh to myself and wondered if this would be another Epic Fail.  But sure enough, right at the end of the 4+ mile out and back I saw them! They were on the wrong side of the road so I had to veer off of the course to run beside the sidewalk to give LB a hug and a high five. It was great to see them as always and it gave me an extra surge of energy.

It was about mile 11.5 that I remembered I could look at G. Money and see how long I had been running. Duh. I just recently found this setting so it is new to me.  So I looked at it said 1:46 something. Crud. This meant I could get a sub 2.  I didn’t want to race really. I was enjoying myself.  BUT….BUT there is nothing more annoying to me than finishing at 2:00 or 2:01. so I quickened my step and decided I would get a sub 2 today. I ran faster and realized I actually had no idea where the finish was. The course could be long…I could be running too fast too soon…I could DIE! Oh the horror!

Oh well

I ran fast and took a hairpin turn. Who’s idea is it to put a hairpin turn 100 feet from the finish line?  I ran fast and crossed the line. I forgot to look at the clock. Ugh. My G. Money had me at 1:59.15. So I was fairly certain it was an official sub 2. Cool!

I needed this run so bad, especially since my long run was so bad on Friday.  This has totally renewed my confidence for Portland!

Here are some of us after the race!

seattle10 014I had a wonderful time this weekend and it was so great to meet you all! I think I will pretend it was my last Hoorah! My going away party of sorts…. =)

Here are  my official results….1:59.06. I’ll take it!


And now, some very important business:

For those of you who rode with me from my house and after race, does this look familiar?

sock lonely sock 2

I noticed it today and figured it belonged to someone.  For now it remains where it is…outside in the rain. But if you claim it I will bring him in and give him a warm bath and send him to you…

Today I wore my new kicks for an awesome 4 miler!  They felt delicious! Is that even possible? Well, they felt awesome! I actually got inserts for high arches for the first time and I think they are going to help a lot.  Today’s run put me at 103.9 miles for Sept and I still have a couple more days!

****Tressa, Adorable Wife, if you send me your address I’ll mail you your shirt. I am afraid that if I don’t it will get lost in the move since we are packing up everything we own two days before Portland!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to run. Sometimes the last minute stuff is the best. Reading this post made me sad...So glad we got to hang out this weekend. We need to do dinner with the locals before you leave. I will be in Portland for the marathon...will you?

  2. Jill....have you figured out a way for me to run Portland Marathon without ACTUALLY being there? That would be so amazing! Otherwise, yes, I will be there!!! Let's meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. that:

    - is awesome
    - was a great last race
    - was inspiring
    - is not my sock

  4. Now I know what happens to the socks that I put in the dryer that somehow don't make it OUT of the dryer... they mysteriously end up on a sidewalk in Washington!

  5. So happy for you...great recap of the mental places we all go when running. maybe those tears released your inner mojo?? Looking forward to seeing you in Portland and sounds like I may see Jill too!

  6. I'm so glad you were able to run. I think that helped convince Tressa and I to run too. Loved the race report. Thanks again for being so awesome and letting us ride with you. I'm glad we got a little extra time to hang out. I can't wait to see you in Portland.

    Mr. Sock doesn't belong to me either. Poor thing.

  7. What a great race report! The meeting sounds like soo much fun and I'm impressed how many bloggers were there! :) Wow on your time, that is awesome for just cruising the race :)

  8. What a great report...glad it brought back your confidence!

  9. Seriously... who runs a sub-two half without planning and/or even trying? SOMEONE WHO KICKS @$$... THAT'S WHO!!!!! Congrats and getting your confidence back. Us blogger fans always knew it was still there :)

  10. Nice! Way to bust out a sub-2 on a whim!

  11. Nice recap.

    Oh yeah, I think I'll just go run myself a sub-2 half marathon for fun. You are so funny.

    I love that your new shoes are delicious.

  12. Sorry the sock isn't mine either! Way to inspire Stacie and I to run and then go kick some race butt! Can't wait to see you in Portland!

  13. Congrats on the sub-2!!! Way to rock a spontaneous half-marathon.

  14. Great job and great report! Good luck with all the move and Portland preparations.

  15. Man, I'm so pathetic, this signing up for a woman's race might get my my first sex/age group medal.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  16. THAT Is where I put my sock!! I set it down for safe keeping and I was wondering where it went.

    NICE WORK on the half. Training run or not, sub 2 hour is awesome


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