Sunday, September 5, 2010

18 Done and DONE!

LB sent us on our way this morning and snapped this picture:

Sep 5 2010 009

I have decided that my Nike Tempo shorts resemble an adult diaper.  I don’t really like the way they look on me. I have WAY too many pairs to retire them though.  **sigh**  What’s a girl to do?

Today’s run was pretty laid back.  We just set back and enjoyed the ride…wait, I wish it was a ride! We settled in to a nice pace and held it most of the time.  Here is our route:


We ran across the Narrows Bridge, one of my favorite and most scenic routes to run.  BUT it is hard! These were taken while running….

pudget sound narrows bridge

At one point RED asked, “Are we ever going to stop running up hill?”  to be honest I hoped so but wasn’t convinced.  This route ended up being WAY hillier than I had anticipated.  See for yourself:


The last 4 miles were relatively flat, I guess.  It didn’t really feel. 

Around mile 12 I ran out of water in my handheld water bottle. RED and I went into a gas station (76 on the corner of 12th and Mildred…in case you are local) to ask to refill my water bottle.  The guy working there said “No. You have to buy water.” And he pointed to the big cooler of bottled drinks.  “Really?”  Was my reply.  Then I think I said something like “I hope I pass out in your parking lot and you have to call 911.”  It was true. I had a flash of me owning myself a nice little 76 station.  I’m not really sue happy but man, really?  Just let a couple of runners fill their stinking water bottles!  We ended up walking across the street and the nice lady in that small grocer/corner shop allowed us to use her water. so I am now boycotting the 76 Station.  I haven't decided if I will apply it across the board to ALL 76 stations…pretty sure they are all independently owned. Either way, that was the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.

We ran on.  One of the streets I had chosen to turn on only had a paved sidewalk for a few blocks.  RED ran in the street, bobbing, weaving and curving all over the place…so much so that her Nike Plus logged her at about 1/2 mile further than me by the end!  I stayed straight on the dirt/grass/gravel trail along side the street.  During my long run with Tall Mom last weekend I determined G. Money was working properly since both our Garmins were right on track.  So with RED today we discovered her habit of weaving ALL OVER CREATION! Thus, adding a significant amount of distance to her runs.  I think it is all a part of her evil plan to run farther than me and to exceed me in our training…no, we are not competitive with each other AT ALL.  Whatever gave you that idea?

By the end her Nike Plus rolled up on 18 miles while I had half a mile to go.  She ran the last half mile with me.  What a good running partner!

Stats for today:  18 miles

Average Pace---9:48/mile                                                                            Average Moving Pace---9:33/mile                                                         Total Moving Time---2:52.05                                                                  Total Time Including water, Gu, stop lights, lollygagging---2:56.25

Sep 5 2010 016

Here is our AFTER pic.  What, you can’t tell by my strange sweat pattern?  I forgot how much I hate this shirt.  The sweat pattern is obnoxious and not to mention it chaffed my right armpit to death!

In all it was a good run and I am quite sore! Tomorrow I am heading to the Super Jock n Jill race (pretty much a tradition, this will be my third year!).  I have decided I am NOT doing the half tomorrow (Duh!) but depending on how I feel I will either spectate Jessica-My Official Racing Crew, Tall Mom, and Jill OR I will run the 4 mile race as a nice recovery jog.  I guess you will find out tomorrow!

Here’s to good, quick recovery vibes so I can at least do the 4 tomorrow!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!


  1. 18 miles - awesome! :)

    I'm shocked the guy didn't give you water! That's ridiculous! It doesn't cost them anything...

  2. I am shooting for 18 miles next weekend... we'll see how that goes.

    Your sweat marks are interesting...they remind of those tests given by psychiatrists. "What do you see?" Haha.

  3. Great Job on the 18, stupid jerk @ the 76!!

  4. 18 miles - GREAT Job!!!! That is a really interesting sweat pattern. ;-)

    Enjoy the race or watching and cheering the others on tomorrow.

  5. Awesome run! So motivating to read about great runs like this one.

    76 sucks. Overpriced jackholes. They don't deserve your business.

  6. Great job on the 18-miler. Once I only wanted ice from a gas station and asked the lady if she would sell me some ice. So I got a cup and got some ice and she charged me the price of the soda in that cup. If I had known, I would have gotten some diet Coke or something with it, or buy a big 16lb bag of ice for a little bit more money.

  7. you did it! love the pics and like your shorts. I can't imagine running in a skirt but maybe I am in diaper butt denial???

  8. Great job on the 18! That's one hell of a hill...I hate armpit chafing!

  9. Dang! That hill around mile ten looks fierce! BUY WATER! How ridiculous! There is a sweet coffee shop where I run. When I go in, I don't even have to ask for a drink :)

  10. Way to go on 18! Here's hoping for your 4! Hope you guys have fun!

  11. Nice 18!! What are you running next weekend?? I may be game, but maybe not in T-town.. LOL!!

  12. nice run! 76-er man... hope he runs out of icee's and goes broke! ;)

  13. Great job with your 18 miler! I have mine next week! Yikes!
    Ugh..I HATE those Nike shorts. I actually don't wear them...ever!

  14. Hahahhahaha, I would have never said that I thought they looked like an adult diaper, but now that you say that......

    Great work on the 18 miles. That is such a great accomplishment

  15. No way does it look like a diaper-- your Nike shorts look fantastic on you!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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