Saturday, September 25, 2010

This post does not warrant a title.

My terrible


no good


good for nothing

very bad




no fun



confidence shattering

long run

was actually

cut short.

Set out for 14 miles, cut it to 12 miles then at 6 miles decided to turn around…

and wrapped up at 8.64 miles with at least 2 miles walking.

I’m tired.

Yay Portland.


  1. So sorry--I know it stinks. But you know that the next one will make up for it. Don't beat yourself up.

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry you had such a bad run. But sometimes we need those ones,so we can appreciate the good runs!!

  3. Sorry to hear. :-(. The next one will be better!

  4. awwwwww. sad face. I'm sorry :(

  5. Oh, that is such a huge bummer. You know what'll make you feel better? The next time you run and totally crush it. In the meantime, don't let it get you down.

  6. Awwww... I would say I'm sorry, but I had a long run today JUST LIKE IT, and misery loves company, so YAY! :P haha

  7. Bad runs happen. The good new is that good ones follow! Hey, at least you got out there. That oughta count for something!

  8. I'm sorry you had a bad run! I know it sucks, but don't be too hard on yourself. We all have bad runs!

  9. I had a week of lame runs last week. You are a running rockstar, and I will be in portland cheering on friends, and I will be looking for you too!

  10. Sorry you had a rough run. I walked a lot on my long run today- but the most important thing is that we got out there and did something. You are a rock star and next week will be better. :-)

  11. Today: you'll get your redemption!

    I hear rafiki from The Lion King saying "Wut does eet mattah? eets all in dee pahst."

  12. Next time will be better ... I know that doesn't help at all, but maybe what Navy Wife on a Diet said will make you laugh. I love the Lion King reference ... haha.

    Every time I have an awful run I start to think "why the heck do I do this? why am I training for this marathon? this is stupid!" then on my next run I am reminded and all of those questions are answered :)

  13. Blah. I really hope that you find your mojo soon. We all go through these patches - promise.

  14. I pretty much did the same for my yesterday run. Was supposed to be 23 km, but at 8 km felt a twinge in my knee (I blame this dang West Coast rain!), I held out until 11 km before calling it quits ... least you didn't have to call a cab – they're dang expensive! Yay Portland!!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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