Sunday, October 3, 2010

It’s time….

Time to figure out my marathon outfit…

I am thinking since I have been running in my Nike tempo shorts I will go with those, or my capri tights, depending on the weather. I wore my tights for the April marathon and had no issues. My legs don’t generally get hot, its my torso and arms that begin to feel suffocated. So depending on the weather I will choose my shirt.

This coming week is going to be crazy with some sporadic blogging since the movers are coming Thursday and Friday. Our internet and whatnot will be shut off Friday…sad day. I need to catch up on my DVR before it is all gone.

Saying good bye is hard. I’m not good at it. We had a fun going away party Friday night and most (but not quite all….) of my friends made it out to say goodbye. We stayed up WAY too late. I’m still trying to recover from that…

I got to meet up with Mel for my last long run of this cycle, 8 miles. As always we had a great run and I tried not to think of the good bye that was coming. But really she will be in Portland and will hopefully be able to jump in and run with me for a bit. So it wasn’t good bye just yet….


I can’t even wrap my brain around leaving here just yet. I know it is happening but I just can’t imagine what will happen with my running, my racing and with ME outside of here. I have grown so much in the time I have lived here. It is kind of like that kid moving off to college: The unknown of life out there…..I am sure I will continue to run but HERE in T-town is where it started. This is where the people are who have supported me and pushed me and loved me and motivated me and been with me from the beginning. My friends here have watched me go through ups and downs, ups again and downs again. And each time they have been there to help me up, to walk along side me, to run with me or tell me to run. I will never forget the time Jessica came over and said, “Go. You need to run.” And she stayed with LB so I could run, so I could be me for 6 miles. So to you, you all know who you are…thank you for being my rock, my support, my motivators and my friends. Thank you for loving me as much as I love each and every one of you….

But still, this is not goodbye. I am sure there will be another blubbering post. And most of you I will see before I go to Portland and some I will see in Portland….

And just because you all should know, in September I ran 111.9 miles!


  1. I really, really hate good-byes Amanda and this post made me get teary.

  2. You will be missed! And speaking of Portland, have you checked Stacie's blog. She has a Portland post up. She is trying to get things organized for a meet-up dinner! Really hope to see you there!

  3. Blubber fest come Sunday for sure.. I cant express how much I have LOVED having you in my life this past year. You make me laugh, think, grow...RUN!! One of my most cherished moments in racing will ALWAYS be the smile and pride when you got your PR in Mercer. Pure honest JOY. I love love that about you, good or bad you are real. No need to sugar coat it.

    You pose with silly faces and show up just in time to hit the road. Amanda Style!! So I am thinking I may not have time for a long run with my classes. What if I bandit the second half of Portland?? Hmmm.. details to come..

    Thanks for a GREAT run today. It sort of came full circle, well without the pirates, pirade and ponies..

  4. So fun that you and Mel ran together! Good luck this week.

  5. They're specifically cracking down on bandits this year -- I wouldn't chance it.

  6. so i don't even live in Seattle and this post made me sad! But you have amazing things ahead of you. And i can't imagine you won't make just as many close friends in NC. It's hard not to love you!

  7. Moving is scary, but yay for the bloggy world so we can all still follow you :D Great job on the miles!


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