Friday, June 25, 2010

There is a Buzz in the Air!

What a crazy fun day!  There is a lot going on and it seems the running community of Seattle and beyond is all a BUZZ!!  I can feel the anticipation in the air, in my own living room! LB is even hyper!!

I have my overnight bag packed and in that bag is outfit #1 and #2!  Thanks for all of your input and votes! One of my favorite votes:

Navy Wife on  Diet:

I like #2's shorts, but #1's top. Mix and match?? Oh, and pigtails for sure. Being that its a rock n' roll, maybe you can find pigtail holders with spikes? I dunno...maybe too short notice.

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately my spikes are made of pure, solid steel and may weigh me down too much! =)

Thanks for all the encouragement!  Good luck to all of you who are also running tomorrow!!  It will be a great day!!


  1. Steel spikes! YES!
    Definitely go with the sleeveless blue'll be WARM. :) SEE YOU TONIGHT, lady!

  2. so super duper excited for you!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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