Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little bit of speed….

Today as I was doing my speed work I found myself a bit baffled.

I was doing 400 sprints with a recovery 400 after each fast paced lap. I haven’t done speed work in quite some time and I actually enjoyed it. I felt fast and felt like it was easier than months ago. BUT…today I started worrying about doing too much before Saturday’s half. I haven’t really trained for this half at all. Sure, I ran 10 miles Friday, I ran 13.1 miles just a few weeks ago. I know, without a doubt I will complete Rock n Roll half no problem. But I have not trained for it. I am marathon training.

So when asked by two different people what my goal is for Saturday I had to stop and think. Of course I want to complete the race and I want to complete it sub 2. I think from here on out sub 2 is a given, it is my new homeostasis if you will. I am not good at setting goals. I run by feeling. I wake up and eat my Wheaties (ok not really, more like my toast and peanut butter and banana and coffee and whatever else I find….) and put my race clothes on and get my stuff together and get to the race. It is usually not until I start running that I assess how I am feeling and how the race is going to unfold. I will say, though, that if I am feeling good a 1:55 would be awesome!

So, back to feeling baffled. When did a half marathon become Just a Half? Seriously people, what is wrong with me? A half marathon is no small feat. It is a respectable distance and a difficult race. I was running my fast quarters and got worried that I might overdo it and be too sore to run well on Saturday. I am going about this week as normal, week 3 of marathon training except I am flipping this week’s long run (supposed to be a step back week, 6 miles) with 12 miles of week 5. I don’t really think this will be a problem. Business as usual. But the thought of just a half keeps running through my mind. This weekend is not just a half, but it is. See? I’m baffled.

Tomorrow I have 5 miles on the calendar, among a jillion other non exercise-related things….

And here is a random question for all of you: Does muscle REALLY weight THAT much more than fat? Here’s the deal. I have gained about 6 or 7 pounds since my marathon but, hear me out people…all my clothes still fit. My jeans are NOT tight, actually I still have to cinch my belt up tight. Nothing has changed. I have no idea where that 6 or 7 pounds sit! I have been lifting weights, not a lot though, swimming, doing Ab Ripper P90X, and lunges…yes lots of lunges. So what is the deal people? Oh well…

Today I am grateful for:

A fun day shopping and driving part of the course with RED. It will be a bit hilly! =)

A good workout at the track with Jessica!

A fun dog walk/bike ride with Lazy Dog and Little Buddy!

And if you DVR’s The Bachelorette then spoiler alert: Casey went home. Thank goodness that guy was a dork and a half.

*** I just realized that I referred to you, my awesome readers and friends as people THREE times in this post. Sorry about that. Hope it is not offensive?? But afterall you are people, it just seems kind of rude maybe. So if you prefer replace people with lovlies, or runners or even your own name. Thanks.


  1. I have no idea if muscle really weighs more than fat, but I do know that I've gained 10 pounds since I started marathon training and my pants ARE tight! What the heck?!

    And {ahem} HILLS? Did you just say the Seattle RnR will be HILLY? This is so not good...

  2. Muscle does weigh more than fat. I guess this means you are becoming svelte - sweet!

  3. Hmm..just a half!! Maybe someday i can say that..if i ever get to a full that is!! I totally get understand what you mean with the muscle vs. fat thing. I do believe muscle weighs more...but that's not bad right! Good Luck this weekend!!

  4. It's funny how racing longer distances begins to change your perspective. But again, a 1/2 is a significant distance, like you said. With all your new muscle, you should rock it!

  5. YAY for you.

    I love this post. Think I needed it today. ;) I'm so with you on "run by feel"

  6. My son loved it once when I ran a half marathon as just a training run. But it is a very respectable distance.

  7. You prolly have gained muscle - I found this:

    "The key is muscle is more dense, approximately 25 - 33% more dense than fat. This is why it is not uncommon to shape your body and lose a pant, shirt, and dress size and not lose hardly any body weight."

  8. Just found your profile, what an inspiration! yay you!


  9. I really appreciate your blog....I had googled running blogs and was trying to find a few that I could read and gain insight, encouragement and wisdom and motivation as well!I was a runner in highschool and college....then got married, had four babies and stopped....but over the last 5 months I have begun again! I ran a 5K for the first time a few months back, and now am training for my first half in Sept! Very excited, yet nervous....So just a half, sounds good to me, I want to think of it as that....oh it's not too bad, just a half! So thank you for your posts and your honesty, it's encouraging!

  10. That sounds like a great way to pick your goal time. That's probably how it should be done. See you Friday!

  11. ohh the just a half thing bugs me, it bugs me when I think that way or when I hear people say it. I mean it's such a HUGE thing!!

    are you going to the bloggie dinner on Friday?? Hope so!

  12. so sad you wont have a race crew for saturday so it's probably good it "Just a half"!!

  13. If you figure out the weight thing please update! LOL catching up on blog posts today - glad to see you're doing well. Dont' worry about the one miler and great job on that scary-as-shi** hill!

    Good luck this weekend!

  14. In addition to muscles weighing more than fat:

    In training you're constantly stressing your muscles to go further and faster. One component of muscle recovery is water. Thats why your ankle swells when you sprain it. Your body is sending water to that area to help cushion it and speed healing.
    So to deal with the increased muscle strain, your body is retaining water to utilize on your rest days for repairing your muscles.

    This is where the majority or your extra water is coming from. Its just your body's defense mechanism. Aren't our bodies smart?!

    (You are being diligent with your rest days, riiiight???)

  15. Great Post--I had gotten into the same mode... "Its just a half!!"

    Then, I had a parent in poor health for several months. (He fortunately got better.)

    Following that, last spring came Plantar fasciitis and running needless to say became impossible for a while (and tedious now).

    Take nothing for granted. Its not just a half!! Its not even just a 5-K!! Thanks!!

  16. Just a half ... that's when you know you are a serious runner! That is amazing and you should be proud of you :) Good luck on your half marathon!!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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