Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Brain is tough.

Yep, today I could feel it.  My legs were a little bit tight from last night’s speed work but I got  in my 5 miles.

I kind of tried to talk myself into only doing 3 but I love how my Brain and my Legs argue.  I swear it is like they are a couple of tweens being stubborn.  My Legs were like, “Come on, you can do just 3.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a 3 miler, you can trade…just turn around now. 5 is too much today.” And my Brain was like, “Dude, Legs.  I know you man…your gonna talk me out of 5 tomorrow and I am here now. I’m already going. I’m just going to go to the end of this street.”  Legs: “For crying out loud Brain! If you go to the end of this street by the time you turn around it will be 4 miles once we get home! Why don’t you just go into daydream mode and relax?”  Brain: “LEGS! NO! We are not TURNING! 5 it is!!!.”   Whew…that is what is happening.  The Brain vs. Legs battle.  Today the Brain won. 

5 Miles/44 min/ 8:50 pace

If today had been race day I’m not sure it would have ended in a sub 2.  We all have good run days and bad run days.  When a bad run day happens on a race day, well that plain stinks.  I guess that is what next time is for. Right? 

Thanks to all of you who left me tidbits of info about Fat vs. Muscle! I feel much, much better now! =) 

Also, today after my 5 mile run I took Lazy Dog on a nice 3 mile walk with Jessica.  I passed by an Antique shop and had to stop to snap this picture:


I will be at the Bloggy Event of the century, AKA Bloggy meet up for dinner on Friday after the expo in Seattle!  I look forward to meeting you all there!!!  Wooo who!!

Today I am grateful that:

My dad got his port put in so he can begin chemo.

All of you have been so amazing and supportive of me and my family. THANK YOU is not enough!


  1. wish i could be at the bloggy meet up! great job on your run!!

  2. thinking of yuor Dad! hope to see you FridaY!

  3. I would so rather be in Seattle right now. Hope all you guys have fun!!

  4. Love your leg/brain conversation! You crack me up :)

  5. My brain and legs always fight!! Great job on the run!

  6. Funny!! Love the brain vs legs! Thanks for keeping us up on your Dad.

  7. Great article this month in Inside Triathlon about how bonking is completely mental; fascinating stuff.

  8. I love the conversation between your legs and your brain! Good luck in Seattle!

  9. Best wishes to your dad.

    PS: Awesome sign.

    PPS: I love that your brain says "dude."

  10. All the best to your Dad. Hope things go well for him.

  11. So bummed I can't make the dinner Friday night (inlaws in town) - Amanda (RuntotheFinish) and I are setting up a brunch for Sunday at 10 am - hope you can make it!

  12. My legs and brain have that battle too! I like it when the brain wins :-) Good job on your run!


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