Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I did something STUPID

And I have learned my lesson.

I had a very long and detailed post about how awful today’s run was.  It would have certainly gotten me in trouble.  You all would have yelled at me and scolded me. I don’t know what happened but for the first time in about 150 posts or so I lost a post…so it is a sign. I wasn’t supposed to tell you all about  my freaky run through downtown T-Town.  I’ll just say that for the first time I found myself uncomfortable and not wanting to be running alone.  I will not be running alone in this area anymore.

Today’s run got me thinking about joining the MMA gym down the road.  I would love to have the skills to just take someone down, seriously. Like, WHAM! BAM!  That’s right… Oh, is your nose broken? You might want to get that checked out. Peace.

Here are a few pics of me honing my boxing skills last summer:

 July 2009 backyard fun 020 July 2009 backyard fun 023 







July 2009 backyard fun 029 July 2009 backyard fun 027

So yeah, I wouldn’t mess with me!

As for today’s run I had a 5 miler on the lineup. Downtown T-Town is pretty hilly so this run was full of ups and downs as well as crosswalks (and creeps and transients and some whacky dude who asked to bum a smoke. REALLY?  Sure, let me pull on out of my sweet hat pocket).  Not my best run but I had to get it down.   5 miles in about 47 min.  tomorrow I have 3 on the plan and this weekend 9.  Since I have Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 in a bit over a week I think I will try for at least 10 this weekend. 

Today I am grateful for:

Being at home, safe and sound.

A fun trip to the “lie-berry” to pick out some fresh new bedtime books for LB.


  1. I always keep cigarettes in my sweet hat pocket to subdue the creepy transients ;)

  2. Where was this scary place so I stay clear of it. You don't carry smokes with you? What normal runner doesn't?

    Love the pictures. You always have the best pictures and posts. Love your blog.

    I don't think I said CONGRATS on the Vegas Marathon. You are a ROCK STar.

  3. You need pepper spray! I ran with mine in my own neighborhood this morning. Man, do I feel like a whimp.

  4. Kerrie-SO NOT A WIMP! I would say you are smart! I'm heading otu to get some this week! This was not a good feeling to have and I really did not like it at all. Maybe I should put some smokes in my pocket as a bargaining tool!

  5. I have a place by my house that creeps me out when I run alone (when out there with my dog and BF the deserted trails seem nice, when alone they seem scary- like no one would hear you...).

    That's great you want to take up boxing- looking tough in those pics :)!

  6. You ran through downtown Tacoma, eh? You're right....scary and G-H-E-T-T-O!! Glad to see you made it out alive:) I live up north in Mukilteo so not too worried about the area UNLESS I'm running in nearby Everett then I need to harness my Navy Ninja skills! :D
    Good luck on the Seattle R&R; see you there!

  7. Be safe. I'm glad that you are home safe. Sometimes I run with my Buttercup and even though I think she is a whimp, I think she deters any funkies coming up to me.
    It can never hurt to be careful. :)

  8. Unfortunate but true...there are mean and dangerous people out there....keep honing those boxing skills!

  9. It is pretty scary! the trails i run in are pretty safe, but I always carry a whistle with me when I do my long runs..even if they are in the morning! Better to be safe!
    Great idea to get some kick butt training! I love how toned your arms are in that third picture down...nice!
    and thanks for the comments on my blog:) Good luck and be safe!

  10. That is no fun to be running when it is scary!!! I try not to run where I am uncomfortable but once in awhile I get caught.

  11. love the bum a smoke thing . . nice.


    I do love the hair from the boxing photos. I know, random but I saw the photo and my first thought wasn't even that you were getting clocked. It was "I love her hair".


  12. I swear, EMZ...if you have not been approached about being a Treadmill rep some companies are seriously losing out!! =)

    Thanks for hair compliment, it always helps to have good looking hair when your Hubs is punching you in the face! He he!

  13. Go get some lessons at the MMA place! My brother gives me self-defense "lessons" sometimes and I really do feel better knowing I can bring someone down.

  14. I had this happen once and only once. Now I make sure I'm 100% comfortable with the places I run when I'm by myself. Better safe than sorry!

    Love the pics BTW!

  15. Do it! I love boxing! I've never tried MMA, but there is something about knowing you can deck someone for messing with feel pretty cool!

  16. I am so sorry you had a scare. That is exactly why I run on the treadmill. My husband swears I could outrun any scumbag but I prefer to zone out when I run and it just worries me. You must sign up for the MMA class!

    PS: When I used to run outside I ran with a whistle around my neck

  17. Be careful... and you could totally kick some... nose. Your pics are so cute!

  18. I'm glad your safe!!
    Yay for Seattle!! :)

  19. Boxing is great workout - I did it for a little bit and it was awesome. Regardless, you should carry pepper spray, you never know!

  20. Be safe girl! And pack on the pepper spray!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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