Friday, June 11, 2010

My rest day…

My plan this week was: Cross, rest, 3 miles, 5 miles, 3 miles, rest….8 miles.  I have a hard time resting, at least in the beginning of the marathon training plan.  In the end closer to the marathon when miles are up, yes…I will rest. I love the rest.  I NEED the rest. but right now I can’t rest. 

This is my rest day today:

Half mile swim (17:34)

Deep water aerobics

Strength/weights (25 min)

2.5 mile walk with Lazy Dog (I had the worst side ache during my walk! WHAT is up with that?)

Mow the lawn, with a push mower. 

I will be doing Ab Ripper P90x here in about half an hour.

That is rest, right?  Humor me, please.

I am super pumped about tomorrow’s 12k!  This was my third race, my first 12k in 2008.  I had done a 5k and a 10k and this 12k was awful.  I thought I was in shape and ready to go. I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. I wasn’t.  I heaved and hoed up the hills that are 5 Mile Drive and almost died.  This is the first race I ever did with RED!  She was in much, MUCH better shape than me.  We started out on the awesome mile long decent (that in the end is the soul-sucking stupid hill to the finish) and stuck together.  It was about the second hill in that I knew she was pulling ahead.  I think she said something like, “I’ll wait at the top of the hill!”  (probably what I heard) Or “I’ll see you at the top!” (what she probably actually said meaning I should run faster and catch her at the top).  Something along those lines…she never slowed and I never reached the top of the hill.  It is one of those routes that is up, level for a few steps, then up, and repeat. I ran that race in 1:12.42 at a 9:44 pace.  Actually not too shabby.  I am very curious to see how it goes tomorrow.  It could be good or it could be very bad.  This course is rough but I am up for the challenge!

So here is a picture of me and RED before our 2008 Sound to Narrows 12k…

Sound to narrows 2008 with RED

Today I am grateful for:




A good attitude!

And of course, Jessica for offering to hang with not only my LB but RED’s Red Heads so we can run!!


  1. Good luck! As Zoe would say to the hill, "Get mad at it!"

  2. Good luck! I'm looking forward to your race report! You will do great!!

  3. I would like everyone to know, in advance, that Amanda is planning to race and I AM NOT. I ran 12 miles yesterday. So it will be okay with my ego when she kicks my arse this time around (I hope). Happy Racing Anniversary to us, Amanda! And MUCH thanks to Jessica for taking care of the terrible trio while we are running. Don't let The Redheads gang up on Little Buddy....

  4. Good luck with your race!

  5. Haha I love your interpretation of a "rest" day.
    Good luck in your 12k!!!

  6. You'll do great :D Can't wait to read about it!


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