Sunday, June 20, 2010

Protect Your Eyes!

Today is a rest day. Thank goodness. I didn’t really think I would be sore from yesterday’s weight lifting sesh but man, my arms, shoulders and back are ripped. Ha! I am sounding like quite the meat head. Dork. Oh well…

A while back I went in for what I thought was a routine eye exam, renew my prescription and order some contacts. I left with the scary news of being in the beginning stages of Glaucoma. WHAT? I know. Scary. I’m sorry but I am WAY to young for that. I’m not too sure about everything, I need to do a bit more research, but essentially there is too much pressure in my eyeball. I am sitting around pressure of 21 in each eye. They start to consider medicating for it at 22-25. Yikes. I have a follow up appointment next month. I wonder how hard it would be to be a blind runner? I’m sure I could do it. I heard that there was a blind man running the OKC Marathon. He ran with a(n awesome) friend who had him tethered to a rope around his waist. I WILL be taking applications for such a friend if need be.

Long story short, the awesome peeps at Optic Nerve sent me a pair or running sunglasses! Now I don’t think my problem can be solved by sun glasses BUT I do know that protecting your eyes is SO important! Did you know you can actually burn your eyes? People with light eyes are more susceptible too. So you need to wear sunglasses!

I know you have seen me wearing these glasses in a few pictures:

They are pretty cool! I like the way they look and they are super light weight. This particular pair comes with interchangeable lenses so that you can go lighter or darker, depending on the day. A huge plus too is that they don’t fog up! The only time I had a problem with them fogging is when I wore them with a hat that had a big, thick bill. It wasn’t a running hat and the bill came down and covered the sides so the air could not escape. But when worn alone or with my running hats they work great! Also, if you have long eyelashes they might rub on them. When I happen to be wearing mascara I have a problem with them hitting on my lashes.

Here I am with LB and my Dad after the OKC Marathon! I sported the glasses and they were awesome!

And again, me and my baby niece, and the shades!!

Click HERE to read about Optic Nerves Technology and the protection their eye wear gives.


These babies, Eyeque IC, come in blue, white or shiny black.

The first 3 people to let me know that they are in the market for a pair of running/cycling/ or whatever kind of shades will get a 25% off coupon to Optic Nerve!! Just let me know in a comment!

And one random person will get an Optic Nerve T-Shirt, hat, bottle opener, and a 25% off card. Just leave a comment….you have until Sat. June 26 after RnR Half!!

Exciting things are happening here at 5 Miles Past Empty! I have a few more products on the way to review for you all!

Today I am grateful for:

My dad. Happy Father's Day have shown me what it means to love, to be a father, a husband, a grandpa and what it means to be patient and forgiving. You mean the world to me! Thanks for being there, there for all the car problems, for all the ball games, and cross country meets and in my adult life for all the random things that have gone wrong while the hubby is away. You're never more than a phone call away. Love you, daddy!


  1. I have no shades to run in, and I could have used some today. SUN-NY. Almost stole the husband's Oakleys but he may have killed me.

  2. Wowww that's pretty scary! What causes glaucoma??

  3. I've DEFINITELY been looking for a new pair of running shades! Mine are too tight behind my ears and give me horrible headaches! Thanks for posting a great review!

  4. Ok, there are three comments, but Lauren didn't say that she's in the market for running sunglasses. I currently don't own a pair and have just been using a visor.

    However, I have been in the market looking for a good pair of sunglasses at a good price. With five children, our budget is very tight in the fitness line items.

    Not sure if I will count in your three. =)

  5. Oh Amanda Glaucoma, that's scary. If your going to need someone to tether to for running I better get a lot faster! Please keep me posted on the eyes.
    ps. I love reading your blog. :)

  6. Amanda! Scary. I don't know anything about glaucoma. I am lucky and don't have any eye issues...yet. Hope they can help you!

  7. Ugh on the glaucoma. I had a family member who had it and the drops were really effective for her, so I hope you get some good news next month!

  8. I really could have used some sunglasses at my Friday night race! We ran directly into the sun for the first mile! It was not fun!

  9. Check you out rockin' the sunglasses!

  10. I would like the sunglasses for running...I am also training for 10/10/10 in Chicago and I think I need something like this for all of these summer runs coming up!

  11. I try to always wear sunglasses and to get my girls to wear them too. But they're little so it's not 100%.

  12. Cute glasses! Running in shades sound like a good idea....I might have to try it!

    Scary about the glaucoma!Do you know what the normal presssure is in your eye, and is that something you can feel?

  13. I am in desperate need of some running glasses! I will definitely check out their site! They look great on you!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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