Friday, June 18, 2010

Respect the Runner

Today I had to get my 10 miler in. I needed a good run to make up for yesterday’s 1 miler, not to mention I needed a double digit run before next weekend’s 1/2.

During my 10 miles of fun I had THREE separate trucks roll up to stop signs, look left or right, see me and throw it in reverse so that I could cross the street. Wow! That’s right, respect the runner! It was nice to not have to stop or jot out into the oncoming street to go in front of, or jog behind the trucks covering the entire cross walk. On the other hand some woman with ginormous buffon hair was clearly late for a nail appointment. She blew through a four way stop and nearly flattened me. I did the whole head shaking and arms up in the air as to say, “What the heck? Don’t mind me, I’d love to be road kill today, thanks.” Pretty sure she never even noticed me.

I kept going down, down, down….as you can see in the elevation diagram below. Mile 3-4 was pretty much straight down leading to the flatness of The Waterfront. I enjoy running the waterfront when it isn’t jam packed with people trying to stroller walk 4 across or bike ride like it’s the freakin autobahn. I enjoyed watching the water and the fun sea life, birds and a seal (I think? This Oklahoma girl thinks it was a seal or maybe a sea lion?). It made me think of the Gulf of Mexico and how awful that is. It just makes me so sad. Anyway, I ran on and found myself passing a dad running with his two boys on bikes, one with training wheels. I got to the end and turned around. I ended up passing them again (they didn’t make it to the end). The one on training wheels sped up to either race me or keep up for a while. I looked back and told him he should probably go back to his dad. Cute kid. I think I crushed his poor little heart. He turned back like a beat down puppy.

I went a bit further until I had to make a choice: The Hill of Death and get home right at 10 miles OR Satan’s Spawn and get home around 13 miles. Hmmm…I have, after all, defeated Satan’s Spawn. I HAVE NOT conquered The Hill of Death. Until today. I turned right and headed UP. This is the type of hill you seriously need a rope at the top and you need to use it to pull yourself up. See for yourself.


Yep. I ran the entirety of this hill. I ducked my head and didn’t look up. I didn’t stop. I breathed and climbed. I may have gotten light headed from the sudden elevation change. My ears popped, I needed an oxygen mask. But I made it and ran the 2 miles home.

Today’s fastest mile: Mile 1 at 7:54/ slowest mile: Mile 9 at 11:33. Mile 9 was rough and to the untrained eye it may have looked like I was in fact walking up that stupid hill but I assure you…I was running (insert Forrest Gump’s “I was runnnn-ingggg”).

Stats for today’s run:

10 miles - 1:29.06 8:54 pace

Tacoma Hills-0 Me-2

Today I am grateful for:

All of you awesome bloggy buddies who left comments for me and who have been praying for my dad and our family. I cannot thank you enough…seriously. It really means a lot to me that you would take a moment of your day to say a quick prayer for us. so THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! You all rock!

A new outfit for next weekend’s 1/2! Be on the look out for a sneak pink…I mean PEEK! =)

A fun lunch with friends!


  1. "ah wuz ruh-NING!"

    thanks for the last giggle before bed :-D

  2. THat hill looks scary. Can't wait to see the new pink outfit!

  3. Big thumbs up for conquering the Hill of Death. Bet you feel pretty good about yourself - and so you should.

  4. Way to conquer the Hill of Death! Very impressvie!

  5. That hill scares me.

  6. Wow, that is a HILL! Great job!!

    Hope things are looking up for you today. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. What an elevation chart! WOW! Glad that the drivers are seeing you while running! it gets scary sometimes with drivers not seeing ppl running!

  8. I will be in ALL pink.. We need to find a way to ALL meet up before the race...

    Wow speedy, I am so proud of you. Portland training seems to be ROCKIN..

  9. That is a crazy hill- you did awesome!!!! Congrats on conquering the Hill of death :)

  10. That is one tough hill at the end. Great job!

  11. Oh, the hill of Death ... can I steal that name? I live on the highest elevation of my town, so everywhere I run I have to run up hill to get home.

    Great job on the run! You conquered the hill of Death!

    Praying for your dad.

  12. So now you can say, "Hill of death my ass..." Great job!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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